Learn Korean Words with Instagram Photos #1

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Photos are a great tool when it comes to learning and reviewing vocabulary because they can help you visualize the objects instead of just memorizing the word. We take photos for you every day and share them on Instagram and our Facebook page just for that purpose! Here’s a video compilation of 30 photos from the album. Enjoy!

Here’s the entire list of words:

  1. 강아지 = puppy
  2. 비행기 = airplane / 날개 = wing
  3. 새 = bird
  4. 커피 = coffee
  5. 에스컬레이터 = escalator
  6. 고양이 = cat
  7. 물 = water
  8. 오토바이 = motorcycle
  9. 길거리 공연 = busking
  10. 비 = rain
  11. 꽃 = flower
  12. 우산 = umbrella
  13. 의자 = chair
  14. 신문 = newspaper
  15. 자동차 = car
  16. 연 = kite
  17. 회전목마 = carousel
  18. 잡지 = magazine
  19. 강 = river
  20. 빨대 = straw
  21. 불가사리 = starfish
  22. 카메라 = camera = 사진기
  23. 책 = book
  24. 낙서 = scribble
  25. 공중전화 = payphone
  26. 맥주 = beer
  27. 계단 = stairs
  28. 문 = door
  29. 호박 = pumpkin
  30. 노트북 = laptop computer



Learn Korean Words with Instagram Photos #1
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  • Kay

    Aww TTMIK this awesome of you guys now we can here em and perfect our pronunciation will you be doing the for all future words on Instagram!


  • I don’t have instagram, so this is a lovely idea! And yes, I kept repeating after you and was surprised of how many words I had remembered just by seeing them on facebook throughout the weeks.

  • Hey, TTMIK,

    I have used software/strategies like Instagram before and they work well. For me, I like to supplement my vocabulary learning by using a dictionary to make flashcards of the specific words that I want to master. I have met a problem, though. I’ve been living in Korea for one year now, and I can’t find a good EN->KR dictionary (app). I’ve found a lot of great KR->EN apps that pretend to be good EN->KR ones, but they end up not being good for foreigners. So my ears droop and I go back to using the Google Translate app.

    TTMIK, can you recommend a good EN->KR dictionary app for me?


    • Courtney

      Have you tried the Naver app which includes a dictionary? There’s also the YBM dictionary app that is available for iPhone. You are right in that every dictionary I’ve seen is geared for Koreans learning English. I haven’t found anything as good for foreigners learning Korean.

  • tony_yan

    thank you 🙂

  • Cynthia

    grerat idea… I was looking for something like this

  • satar

    thank you

  • Elisa

    Great idea! as your other iniciatives with photos, this is very very useful to learn vocabulary.

    ¡Genial! ¡Muchas gracias por todo vuestro trabajo!

  • To TTMIK Team,

    Why the Korean Wiki Project website could not open???

  • taejimong

    How can we follow you on Instagram? This is another great idea from TTMIK! ^^

  • Nara

    Thank you very much to all of the teachers in Talktomeinkorean.

  • shirin

    man ke hichi nafahmidam ^_^

  • TIna

    This is great and definitely very helpful to see the pictures along w/ the vocab! 🙂 But perhaps the transition from one picture to the other could be smoother? Like, fading in and out or something similar, so that we could focus more on the vocab and image itself rather than the disappearance and reappearance of each picture? Just a suggestion! ^^


  • puji

    woww nice, now I’m easy learning korean languages, thank you ^_^

  • Jennifer

    감삽 니 다!

  • Catherine

    Thank you very much…seeing and hearing are great learning strategies for me. I appreciate all to do to help so many people learn your language. 🙂

  • coleen

    Thanks you so much :))… i’ve learn a lot … kangsamnida

  • Ngoc Do

    Thanks TTMIK!

  • Terri

    This is a really fun way to learn! I sat down with a notebook and wrote everything down, since I already know (most) of the Hangul. This is really cool, I hope this site lasts forever!!!!

  • 아틸라


    이 비디오 레슨에 고맙습니다! 정말 재미있었어요! 🙂

    한 질문있어요: “길거리 공연” 는 뭐예요?
    “busking” 이 워드는 영어사전에 발견하지 안았어요. 🙁

    • 길거리 공연 is street performance.

      I guess the word busking is came from busk.

  • Hi it’s vety good thank you

  • Hi it’s very good thank you .

  • Abbey

    Thank you so much! this helps me so much when im watching all these Korean dramas and kpop! I love them so much!

  • Dorota

    It’s really amazing that you guys put so much effort in teaching Korean ^_^

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Thanks! It really helps!