Iyagi For Beginners – Have You Ever Raised a Pet?

Do you have pets? Let's find out if Kyeong-eun and Jooyeon have ever had pets. Listen to this beginner-level Korean conversation!

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Iyagi For Beginners – Have You Ever Raised a Pet?
  • Xin Ru

    Thank you for this lesson!
    My response: 어렸을 때 물고기를 키워 봤어요. 그런데 물고기를 돌보는 것 힘들었어요. 그리고 물고기가 가끔 싸웠어요. 그래서 저는 지금 동물을 무서워서 집에서 애완동물을 키우고 싶지 않아요.
    I tried raising fish when I was young. However, it was hard to take care of the fish. And the fish often fought. So I am now afraid of animals and do not want to raise pets at home.

  • Hyewon

    I just bought the beginner package. Hyunwoo says pets are also called “Pallyuh” but i can’t find that anywhere. How do you spell the word for pets – as Cassie explains companion animals?

    • me again

      Also can you explain the “번 “적 for You never raised a chick….

    • Xin Ru

      Hi! I didn’t buy the beginner package so I didn’t hear the audio lesson, but I think you are looking for the phrase 반려동물 (伴侶動物). And the grammar point for 본 적 없어요 is explained in Go Billy Korean’s Learn Korean Episode 52 PDF which you can download for free at http://gobillykorean.com/learn-korean-ep-52-have-you-ever/. Basically, 보다 means to try doing something, ㄴ/은 is past tense conjugation for a verb modifying a noun, and 적 means time. So 본 적 없어요 means I have never tried doing something.