Iyagi For Beginners – What do you do on Summer Vacation?

Do you go on vacation during summer? Let's find out what Kyeong-eun and Jooyeon do on their summer vacation. Listen to this beginner-level Korean conversation!

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Iyagi For Beginners – What do you do on Summer Vacation?
  • Xin Ru

    Thank you for this lesson!
    My response:
    싱가포르의 계절은 항상 여름이에요. 그런데 6월하고 12월 방학이서 대부분의 싱가포르 사란들이 6월이나 12월에 휴가를 가요. 저는 올해 6월에 일본에 엄마하고 같이 갔어요. 그리고 올해 12월에 대만에 확대 가족하고 같이 갈 거예요. 너무 기대돼요.
    Singapore’s season is always summer. However, June and December are school holidays, so the majority of Singaporeans go on vacation in June or December. I went to Japan with my mother in June this year. And I will go to Taiwan with my extended family in December this year. I really look forward to it.

  • Xin Ru

    Please continue uploading the other Iyagi Beginner conversations!