Iyagi For Beginners – What is your ideal type?

What is your ideal type? Let's find out what Kyeong-eun and Jooyeon’s ideal types are. Listen to this beginner-level Korean conversation!

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Iyagi For Beginners – What is your ideal type?
  • Xin Ru

    Thank you so much for starting to upload this Iyagi Beginner series again! I was worried you had stopped.

    My response:
    저는 구체적인 이상형이 별로 없어요. 그런데 저는 부지런하고 자상한 사람을 좋아해요. 제 남자친구가 그런사람이에요. 외모보다 성격이 더 중요하는 것 같아요.
    I do not really have a specific ideal type. But I like someone who is diligent and considerate. My boyfriend is such a person. I think personality is more important than appearance.