Iyagi For Beginners – How To spend Time Alone

What do you usually do when you are alone? Let's find out how Kyeong-eun and Jooyeon spend time when they are alone. Listen to this beginner-level Korean conversation!

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Iyagi For Beginners – How To spend Time Alone
  • Xin Ru

    Thank you for this lesson! My response:

    저는 혼자 있는 거 좋아해요. 저는 드라마 ‘혼술남녀’ 봤어요. 그 드라마 캐릭터가 이렇게 말했어요. ‘왜 혼자 마시냐고? 내가 혼술을 하는 이유는 말이지. 보고싶지 않은 환경은 보지않아도 되고, 불필요한 체력소모 안해도 되고, 불필요한 돈낭비 안해도 되니까. 오롯이 나만을 위한 시간, 나만의 힐링타임. 이것이 내가 혼술을 하는 이유지.’ 저도 비슷해요. 저는 술을 안 마시는데 혼밥은 해요.

    I like spending time alone. I watched the drama ‘Drinking Solo’. The drama character said this. ‘Why do I drink alone? The reason why I drink alone is this. I do not have to look at environments I do not want to look at, I do not have to use strength unnecessarily, and I do not have to waste money unnecessarily. Time just totally for me, my own healing time. This is the reason why I drink alone.’ I am similar too. I do not drink alcohol, but I eat alone.