How Do You Say This in Korean? (1 July 2013)

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Welcome to the 15th episode of “How Do You Say This in Korean?”! In this series, teacher 경화 (Kyung-hwa) will be joined by a co-host of her choice twice a month to answer some listener questions. The questions we will be answering in this series are mainly about how to say certain things in Korean.


How do you say “I’m (just/so) curious.” in Korean?
= 그냥/너무 궁금해요. [geu-nyang/neo-mu gung-geu-mae-yo.]

How do you say “Do you dream often?” in Korean?
= 꿈 자주 꿔요? [kkum ja-ju kkwo-yo?]

How do you say “I’m one of the avid listeners of How Do You Say This In Korean.”in Korean?
= 저는 How Do You Say This In Korean 애청자예요. [jeo-neun HDYSTIK ae-cheong-ja-ye-yo.]

How do you ask for more of the staple items such as lettuce, paste etc at the Korean barbecue restaurant?
= 저기요. 상추/쌈장 좀 더 주세요. [jeo-gi-yo. sang-chu/ssam-jang jom deo ju-se-yo.]

How do you say “Hello. Can I speak to Mr. Lee?” in Korean?
= 여보세요. Mr.Lee랑 통화할 수 있을까요? [yeo-bo-se-yo. Mr.Lee-rang tong-hwa-hal su i-sseul-kka-yo?]

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How Do You Say This in Korean? (1 July 2013)
  • liamtoh gk

    waitress – 이모 누나?
    but waitresses often are much younger…

    • When they look older than me, then I use the words.
      However, when they look younger, I normally say “저기요”.

  • cuterwin

    Hi everyone it is my first time to listen you guys<3. .and your voice really good I can easily understand. .I d like to to know how do you say this in korean. ."Nice to meet you. .Please come in, have a seat" and "I miss you, why you're not texting me" 🙂 🙂

  • Galya

    Could you help me with one sentence, please?
    Here it is.
    나는 보면서 수평선에 생각고자 바다에 가요. Is it correct?
    Origianl – I’m going to the sea to think, looking at the horizon.
    Thank you for your help!

    • frog

      나는 수평선을 보면서 생각하고자 바다에 가요. ->It’s correct.

      나는(subject) 보면서(verb) 수평선(object)

      In Korean, you have to remember this rule.

      Subject + Verb + Object

    • I will be better to say 저는 수평선을 보면서 생각하고 싶어서 바다에 가요.

  • 안녕하세요 선생님
    I have two questions How do I say I have two brothers, one 8 years old and the other 16 years
    And the second question how do I say I`m only sister between two brothers in the family