Learn Korean Words with K-Pop – 누난 너무 예뻐(Replay) by SHINee


Dear K-Pop fans, especially SHINee fans:

We’ve heard your requests loud and clear! This week, we thought about covering the latest SHINee song, “Sherlock”, but unfortunately, it turned out to be quite tricky to find useful expressions in the lyrics to use in everyday conversations. Perhaps this is because the theme of the song is a character from a novel, but the lyrics are a bit deceptive and impractical to use in conversation. In fact, we’ve found that most of SHINee’s songs have similar lyrics.

To still give you some SHINee, we went back to 4 years ago and chose to dissect their debut song, “누나 너무 예뻐.” As far as we remember, this song stood out on so many levels and was a perfect choice to help introduce SHINee to the world. The music, the choreography, the styles of the 5 handsome guys who can sing and dance……….

Okay! That’s enough fangirling! Let’s cut to the chase! 🙂

1. 부담스러운가봐


The core vocabulary word here is “부담스럽다” [bu-dam-seu-reop-dda], which means “to feel uncomfortable/burdened/too much.” This expression can be used in various situations, so let’s take a look at some sample sentences: (if you are no familiar with the ending ‘~ㄴ 가보다,’ please see TTMIK Level 5, Lesson 5).

Sample Sentences
1) 매달 내는 세금이 부담스러워요.
[mae-dal nae-neun se-geu-mi bu-dam-seu-reo-weo-yo]
= I feel burdened paying monthly tax.

2) 그 사람이 너무 잘해줘서 부담스러워.
[geu sa-ra-mi neo-mu ja-rae-jweo-seo bu-dam-seu-reo-weo]
= I feel uncomfortable because he is being so nice to me.

3) 과분한 기대를 받아서 부담스러워요. (Do you still remember what “과분하다” means from ‘Electric Shock’?)
[gaw-bu-nan gi-dae-reul ba-da-seo bu-dam-seu-reo-weo-yo]
= I feel burdened receiving too much expectation.

2. 뿌듯했지


“뿌듯하다” [bbu-deu-ta-da] means “to feel a sense of satisfaction/pride” after achieving or finishing something. In the song, 온유 (Onew) is singing that he is so proud of himself because he is with such a beautiful 누나 [nu-na], which makes everyone else jealous.

Let’s check out some sample sentences:

Sample Sentences
1) 공부를 열심히 하고 나니 마음이 뿌듯하다.
[gong-bu-reul yeol-ssi-mi ha-go na-ni ma-eu-mi bbu-deu-ta-da]
= I feel a sense of pride for having studied so hard.

2) 자원봉사를 다녀와서 뿌듯한 하루였어요.
[ja-weon-bong-sa-reul da-nyeo-wa-seo bbu-deu-tan ha-ru-yeo-sseo-yo]
= I had a satisfactory day because I went and did volunteer work.

Sometimes as language learners, we feel “부담스러운” because there are always so many things to learn and memorize. However, once we sit down and complete the task at hand, we always feel “뿌듯한.”

We hope that every time you study one of our lessons, you feel 뿌듯한 about your achievements. Your success in learning Korean makes us proud! 정말 뿌듯해요! 🙂

Wherever you are in the world, we hope you come back and see us next time for another edition of “Learn Korean with K-Pop!”

다음주에 봐요! ^-^

Learn Korean Words with K-Pop – 누난 너무 예뻐(Replay) by SHINee
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    I have to say i have been looking for quite a while for a worthy, well understood, and relaxing way to learn Korean without feeling bored, stressed, fearful, and unsure. You guys have given me strength to keep trying and keep moving forward, i know a good set of words for a beginner and its literally thanks to you guys. i was overjoyed when i seen that it was free to have your pod-casts on my iPod, so i listen to them everywhere i go and i haven’t forgotten one word since i started listening to you guys so
    i say 감사합니다 ^^
    Please keep up the wonderful work i thank god i found you guys :3

  • 시에라

    와 끝내줘요 너무 좋아했어요 <3 감사합니다! 다음주보겠어요 😀

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    Waaa learn korean with SHINee!!! How a great idea..thank u very much!!!

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    More “Learn Korean with Kpop”, please! Gamsahamnida!

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    Just trying it out. 🙂

    “나 혼자 밤에 일하고 있어서 너무 부담스러워…어떡하지?! ㅠㅠ”
    “I feel so uncomfortable working at night all by myself. What should I do? T.T”

    • 나 혼자 밤에 일하고 있어서 너무 부담스러워
      > 나 혼자 밤에 일하고 있어서 너무 불안해. or 너무 힘들어.

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