Korean Age Explained (Again)

Do you understand how Korean age works? Here's a simple way to calculate it!

Age plays a key role in how people interact and development relationships in the Korean culture, so many people ask one another how old they are, eventually, in one way or another. But the hurdle for many Korean learners is that Korea has an age counting system that is different from the rest of the world. In this video, teacher Hyunwoo introduces a simple way to understand how Korean age works.

Video by Keith and Hyojin about Korean age:

A prehistoric video by Hyunwoo explaining the Korean age system:

Korean Age Explained (Again)
  • kaekaed

    The quickest way (easiest math) to figure out your age in Korean age is still:
    If your birthday hasn’t passed yet this year. Age + 2.
    If your birthday has passed. Age +1.
    The explanation helps with understanding the concept, but for us old people, writing down every year that we have been alive in takes too much time 🙂
    If someone asks your age in Korean age, you won’t have time to write everything out. and unless you’re under 10/20, you’ll run out of fingers/toes.

  • bruh

    I was told it was; the year you are born.
    So mine would be 2002, and you subtract what the current year.
    So..2002-2017=15 +1 = 16
    I would be 16 in korean age.

    • NikeFlashBoy

      easiest way would be add an extra year to your current age XD

  • chong!jojun!balsa!

    boi im 16 rn and i’d be 18 in korea hella kmu jungkookie x’D