Korean Vocabulary Booster – Body Parts


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Take this short quiz to find out how well you know body part names in Korean.

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Listen and repeat out loud as you listen to the list of words related to BODY PARTS.

  1. 머리 head
  2. 머리카락 hair
  3. 목 neck
  4. 어깨 shoulder
  5. 팔 arm
  6. 팔꿈치 elbow
  7. 손 hand
  8. 손목 wrist
  9. 손가락 finger
  10. 손바닥 palm
  11. 손톱 fingernail
  12. 가슴 chest
  13. 배 belly
  14. 겨드랑이 armpit
  15. 옆구리 side
  16. 허리 hip, waist, lower back
  17. 등 back
  18. 엉덩이 butt
  19. 허벅지 thigh
  20. 무릎 knee
  21. 정강이 shin
  22. 종아리 calf
  23. 발목 ankle
  24. 발 foot
  25. 발등 top of one’s foot
  26. 발톱 toenail
  27. 발바닥 sole


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Korean Vocabulary Booster – Body Parts
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