Korean Vocabulary Booster – Car Parts


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Trabant car

Take this short quiz to find out how well you know car part names in Korean.

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Listen and repeat out loud as you listen to the list of words related to BODY PARTS.

  1. 자동차 car
  2. 앞바퀴 front wheel
  3. 뒷바퀴 back wheel
  4. 전조등 headlamp
  5. 후미등 taillight
  6. 차창 car window
  7. 앞 유리창 windshield
  8. 와이퍼 windshield wiper
  9. 깜빡이 turn signal
  10. 사이드미러 side mirror
  11. 백미러 rear-view mirror
  12. 본네트 car hood
  13. 핸들 steering wheel
  14. 운전대 steering wheel
  15. 운전석 driver’s seat
  16. 조수석 passenger seat
  17. 뒷좌석 back seat
  18. 안전벨트 seat belt
  19. 앞문 front door
  20. 뒷문 back door
  21. 트렁크 trunk
  22. 문 손잡이 car door knob
  23. 기어 transmission
  24. 타이어 tire
  25. 번호판 car number plate
  26. 주유구 oil cab


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Korean Vocabulary Booster – Car Parts
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