Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #10 (paper bag, screwdriver, perfume, desk, tripod)

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In the 10th episode of Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, you can take a look at some items that are on Seokjin’s desk. Practice saying the words out loud as Hyunwoo introduces them one by one.



종이 봉투 [jong-i-bong-tu] = paper bag
드라이버 [deu-ra-i-beo] = screwdriver
삼각대 [sam-gak-dae] = tripod
향수 [hyang-su] = perfume
책상 [chaek-sang] = desk

koreanvocabulary-내 책상

Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #10 (paper bag, screwdriver, perfume, desk, tripod)
  • 라넬

    새로운 웹사이트 이미지는 좋아해요! 앞으로 많은 수업이 기대할 수 있을까? 고맙다!

  • Yoshi

    annyeong haseyo … I really want to learn korean language, otokachi?? Could somebody help me? …

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  • muffiner

    there seemed to be a headphone. 그럼 headphone 가 무슨뜻이죠?

  • muffiner

    거기 어떤 headphone도 보이긴 한데. 그건 무슨 뜻이죠? 핸드폰 말고, headset 말이죠. ^_^

    • Hi Muffiner,
      Regarding Headset, we call it as 헤드셋. The pronounce is almost same. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Yani

    Hi Teacher, I’m kind of confuse…

    jong-i-bong-tu = paper bag
    bi-nil-bong-ji = plastic bag

    Why these 2 ending words are different??..

    • Hi Yani,
      봉투 and 봉지, both means a bag which you can put something in, however when it comes to 봉투, the material is paper.
      The material of 봉지 can be paper and plastic, too.

      However, the both words are commonly used a lot, people think that there is no difference between them.
      Most of the cases, they are exchangeable.