Korean Vocabulary with Pictures #15 (apartment, child, bicycle, playground, slide)

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In the 15th episode of Korean Vocabulary with Pictures, you can see a picture of a playground. Practice saying the words out loud as Hyojin introduces them one by one.


빌라/아파트 [bil-la/a-pa-teu] = apartment
놀이터 [no-ri-teo] = playground
자전거 [ja-jeon-geo] = bicycle
어린이 [eo-ri-ni] = child
미끄럼틀 [mi-kkeu-reom-teul] = slide


Korean Vocabulary with Pictures #15 (apartment, child, bicycle, playground, slide)
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  • Jessica Hill

    What verb do you use with slide?

    • We use “타다” with slide.

      For example, 미끄럼틀을 타다.

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