Korean Vocab Power Up #2 / 견인 = tow

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Have you ever had your car towed away? Nobody likes to have their car towed away when it’s just parked somewhere. But it happens to a lot of people, at some point in life, for various reasons. The noun for “tow” is 견인, and it can be used in various verb forms and in many sentence types. We are introducing the word 견인 in this lesson, as well as some sample phrases that you can practice with.

In this series, we will introduce one word each time and then also introduce some more useful, related expressions. To improve your Korean vocabulary, click here to use our My Weekly Korean Vocabulary subscription!

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Korean Vocab Power Up #2 / 견인 = tow
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  • Rigo

    Very good to know

  • Gerald

    Thanks, I love that you are giving several sentences using the target word, It is much more effective than just learning the word stand-alone..

    몇년전에 불법주차 했습니다. 그 땐 경찰서가 불법주차 단속중이어서 차를 끌어가버렸습니다. 견인된차를 찾기 많이 힘들었습니다. 견인차량보관소에 신분증을 필요했지만 제가 저의 차안에 지갑을 놓고 차문을 잠그고, 두고 내렸습니다.

  • Old Boy

    This video couldn’t be more useful.
    The expression was not only defined/explained, but 1) conjugated, 2) used in example sentences, and 3) repeated several times.
    Just by watching the video, one gets real command of the expression.
    Really professional job. Kamsamnida!