Level 1 Lesson 23 / Who? / 누구?

안녕하세요! In this lesson, we are having a look at the word 누구 [nu-gu], which means “who” or “whom”, and how it is changed when used with the subject marking particle 가 [ga]. Listen in to find out how it changes and also to look at some useful sample sentences using the word 누구. If you have any questions, please feel free, as always, to leave us a comment! 감사합니다.

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Level 1 Lesson 23 / Who? / 누구?
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  • Pragya Kashyap

    Who sang

  • Paulo Madeira

    누가 먹고 싶어요?

  • energygapyan

    I’m having a hard time with conjugation…
    쓰다 = 써요 since the last vowel is 으
    고프다 = 고파요 since the vowel before 으 is 오 (in 고)
    why is 만들다 = 만들어요 if the vowel before 으 is 아 (in 만)???

    • Dean Voets

      For verbs ending on “euda”, the eu is omitted in (some) conjugations (basic present, past, imperative, maybe others).
      Conjugation looks difficult but there are just a few rules that follow from pronunciation.
      Like i+eo = yeo, o+a=wa, … You quickly get a feel for it.
      보다 -> 와요
      보이다 -> 보여요

  • Dean Voets

    누가 햄버거 먹고 싶어요?
    Is that ok to ask who wants to eat hamburgers?

    What if I want to ask who wants to eat this hamburger? Can I just add “i”?
    누가 이 햄버거 먹고 싶어요?

    Thanks for your lessons, fun and very helpful.
    감사 합나다

    • 이거 누가 햄버거 먹고싶어요.
      i think you just have to add 이거 at the beginning.

    • Dean Voets

      No, 이거 is for this without modifier so just “this”. This + noun (so as modifier) is 이
      This is coffee: 이거 커피예요
      Can I drink this coffee: 이 커피 마실 수 있어요?

    • Leandro Guianan

      이 햄버거는 누가 먹고 싶어요?

      Emphasize 햄버거 as the topic for 먹고 싶다.

  • 여러분 안녕하세요!
    HelloTalk account 있어요.

    Finding a study buddy in this Korean learning process hueh.

  • Jonaye

    이거 매워요.그레서 안 먹어요.
    This is spicy. So I wont eat it.

  • Jonaye

    이거 맛있어요.누가 만들었어요?
    오늘 누가 만났아요?

  • Mike Maertens

    누가 방귀?

  • Jim Awofadeju

    저사람은 누구예요?
    Who is that person over there?

    누가 농구를 좋아합니까?
    Who likes basketball?

  • 내일 누가 집에서 와요?
    저 가수는 누가예요?
    누구 컴퓨터 안 좋아해요?

  • Bestrong

    저는 누가 에요?
    누가 여기 있어요?
    오늘 누가 뉴스를 읽어요?
    언제 누가 학교에 왔어요?
    내일 누가 놀이 공원을 놀러갈거예요?

  • Leandro Guianan

    그것 누가 마셨어요?

  • 조슈아

    왕: 누가 죽을 거예요? 만약 죽으면, 그럼 저는 살을 거예요. 죽어 주세요. 누가 저를 충붕히 사랑해요? 누가 죽어 주세요?
    King: Who will die? If you die, then I will live. Please go and die. Who loves me enough? Who will die for me?