Level 1 Lesson 24 / Why? How? / 왜? 어떻게?

안녕하세요 여러분! In this lesson, we are going to have a look at the interrogatives “why” “how” and also how to say things like “how much” “how fast” “how quickly” and so on. You can also review how to say “what” “who” and “where” in this lesson. Be sure to try making your own sample expressions and share them with us in the comment box! And if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you! 감사합니다.

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 1 Lesson 24 / Why? How? / 왜? 어떻게?
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  • you guys are very funny, always make me laugh ;D

  • Suga Swag

    어제 왜 안 왔어요? (Why didn’t you come yesterday?)


    • JooyeonPark

      Great! 🙂

  • Jason Plumb

    Is 무거워요 an irregularity? I assumed it would be 무거어요

    • Yanoosh

      Yes, it’s irregular – 무겁다. You could find basic form of this word in PDF attached to this lesson.

    • Jason Plumb


  • Essi Savonius

    왜 너 나 사랑 안 햇ㅅ어요? ( Why you didn’t love me?)
    I know that another “ㅅ” should be next to another “ㅅ” but for some reason it didn’t go there.
    Anyways is this correct? I don’t believe so but i tried…
    감사합니다! <3

    • Seokjin Jin

      You meant “왜 너 나 사랑 안 했어요?”, right?

      That’s correct sentence. Many Korean people will understand you.
      More naturally, you can say “왜 나를 사랑하지 않았어요?” or “왜 저를 사랑하지 않았어요?”.

    • Essi Savonius

      감사합니다 🙂 I have to study little bit more level 1 and then i can go to next level.

    • Probably the reason why the ‘ㅆ’ didn’t do right – you don’t press ‘ㅅ’ twice, you have to hold the shift key and ‘ㅅ’ key and then you will get ‘ㅆ’. This goes for all other double consonants as well (like ㅃ, ㅉ, ㄸ, ㄲ). Just a tip 🙂

  • Diamond Rose

    My sentence (well, question) is:
    어떻게 마시어요 술? Any corrections needed?

    • Seokjin Jin

      술을 어떻게 마셔요?

    • Diamond Rose

      보정 주셔서 감사합니다.

  • Harvey Rivas Potot

    [매주 얼마나 자주 한국어를 공부 해요?]; [이렇게 맛있는 케익을 어떻게 만든지 가르쳐 줄까요?]; [어제 왜 학교를 빼먹었어?]…선생님들이 제발 제가 만든 예문을 고쳐 주세요

  • Maria

    이거 얼마에요? -> How much is this?

    어제 왜 너는 안 잤어요? -> Why didn’t you sleep last night?

    is that correct?

    감사합니다 ☺

    • Nana Atmaja

      I still study too like you, but in my opinion it is correct
      이거 얼마예요? ✔
      어제 왜 안 잤어요? (I think it’s more natural, you don’t have to add 너는)

  • 왜 안 먹었어요? (Why didn’t you eat?)
    오늘 학교 왜 안 왔어요? (Why didn’t you go to school today?)
    햄버거 얼마예요? (How much is a hamburger?)

    감사합니다, TTMIK 짱!

  • Kyla Lee 이재미

    어떻게 해요? (How do you do that?) is this correct? I kinda think it sounds like how do you do

  • Kyla Lee 이재미

    I’m kinda new here so… I just wanna try, though I really think they’re quite wrong. Can you help me correct them? 🙂
    이거 어떻게 말해요? (How do you say this?)
    이거 어떻게 열어요? (how can you open this?)
    이거 어떻게 얻었요? (how did you get this?)
    얼마나 오래 자요? (how long do you sleep?)
    그녀 얼마나 많이 울어요? (how much did she cry?)

  • Kyla Lee 이재미

    =why questions=
    왜 울었어요? (why did she cry?)
    왜 했어요? (why did you do it?)
    이 책 왜 좋아요? (why do you like this book?)
    =how question=
    너 얼마나 많이 나 사랑해요? (how much do you love me?)

    • Kenny Lau

      좋아요 = it is good, I am good, etc.
      좋아해요 = I like, you like, etc.

    • Aja Chaney

      Why did you put 많이 if it means a lot?

  • trackspy

    얼마나 일찍 왔어요? Is this correct for “How early did you come?”

  • Trinity Pate

    Could someone please let me know if these are right??

    저거 왜 봤어요? Why did you watch that?
    왜 안 잤어요? Why didn’t you sleep?
    왜 집에 가고 싶어요? Why do you want to go home?
    얼마나 자주 청소해요? How often do you clean??

    Many thanks!!

    Could someone also possible explain where in the sentence you place pronouns and determiners such as 저 , 우리, 그, 제).


  • Lauren Marino

    Would “너 어디가?” make sense to say where are you?


    어떻게 떨어졌어요 ? How did you fell ?
    왜 한국어 배워요 ? Why do you learn Korean ?
    그 햄버거 얼마예요 ? How much is that humburger ? (hungry T.T)
    얼마나 아름답아요 ? How beautiful you are ?

    Is it correct ? ^-^ To my ears, sentences number 2 and 4 sounds not correct :/

    • Seokjin Jin

      얼마나 아름답아요 >> 얼마나 아름다워요?

      Rest of the answers are correct! Great job!

    • EXOL-ARMY 꿈

      Thank you !!

      What’s the verb for ‘beautiful’ I used here ?


    • Seokjin Jin

      아름다워지다 (to become beautiful) is the verb form.

    • EXOL-ARMY 꿈

      Ooooh…now I undersand where I got it wrong ^-^
      Thank you 🙂

  • Oh Hanna

    왜 답장이 없어요? (Why didn’t you reply?)
    당신는 나를 왜 사랑 안해요? (Why don’t you love me?)
    어제 아침에 직장에서 왜 늦었어요? (Why were you late for work yesterday morning?)
    너의 집에얼마나 먼가요? (How far is your home?)

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Here’s my correction:
      왜 답장이 없어요? 당신은 나를 왜 사랑하지 않아요?
      어제 아침에 직장에서 왜 늦었어요? –> 어제 아침에 직장에 왜 늦었어요?
      너의 집에 얼마나 멀어요? –> OO 씨 집은 얼마나 멀어요?

    • Janene Simte

      당신은 나를 왜 사랑하지 않아요?
      Why is 않아요 used in place of 안해요? don’t they mean the same thing?

  • Melina

    Ah you are so savage to each other haha 😀

    • KyungHwa Sun


  • Momo

    what about the difference between 어떻게 and 어떡해?

    • Miyeon Yang

      “어떡해” is a contraction of “어떻게 하다” which only means “What should I do?”
      “어떻게” means “How”.

  • Aja Chaney

    In the beginning of the audio isn’t a mother way to ask “where are you now?” Is “지금 어디에 있어요?” ?

  • Aja Chaney


  • Somaᶰᶥᵐ ♥ 希

    왜 안 자요? – why you don’t sleep? // 왜 먹지 않아요? – why you don’t eat?
    얼마나 어려어요? – how difficult is it? // 얼마나 추워요? – how cold is it?
    이 가방은 얼마예요? – how much is this bag? // 이거 어떻게 배웠어요? – how did you learn this?
    어떻게 알았어요? – how did you know? // 어떻게 몰랐어요? – How didn’t you know?

    (correct me ☺)

  • Cindy Jiang

    Why does 뭐 sound like ‘bwo’? And ㅈ sometimes sound like ch’.

    • 박 쿄신

      Isn’t 뭐 always sounds like “mwo” and now “bwo”?
      and yeah ㅈ sounds like ch at times but much softer than ㅊ
      I think it usually sound like, between J and CH.

  • TJB

    얼마나 추워요? (How cold is it?)
    왜 음식을 먹었어요? (Why did you eat the food?)
    얼마나 잘 수영했어요? (How well did you swim?)
    신발과 의자 얼마예요? (How much are the shoes and chairs?)
    어떻게 받았어요? (How did you receive it?)

  • I’m still confused about 얼마나 and 얼마.
    I read somewhere that 얼마 is used only when asking about specific amount of time or money, and 얼마나 is used in any other situation. But that seems a bit vague to me.

  • Maureen Pavlik

    네가의 머리카락이 얼마나 길어요? How long is your hair? (I don’t know if I should use 이 or 은 here…)
    이책이 일마나 비쌌어요? How expensive was that book?
    왜 열리 안 주세요? Why won’t you cook for me? (Word order may be in correct???)
    비빔밥이 얼마나 매워요? How spicy is the bibimbap?
    그거 차가 밧없어요. 어떻게 마싰어요? That tea tasted terrible. How did you drink it?

    CORRECTIONS WELCOME. Also, how does 무겁다 conjugate into 무가워요?