Level 1 Lesson 3 / Good-bye, See you / 안녕히 가세요, 안녕히 계세요, 안녕

After listening to this lesson, you can say “Good-bye” or “See you” in Korean. In polite/formal Korean, there are two basic ways to say Good-bye.

One is when you are the one who is leaving. And the other is when you are the one who is staying.

If you are leaving, and the other person is (or the other people are) staying, you can say:
안녕히 계세요. [an-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo]

If you are staying, an the other person is (or the other people are) leaving, you can say:
안녕히 가세요. [an-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo]

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Level 1 Lesson 3 / Good-bye, See you / 안녕히 가세요, 안녕히 계세요, 안녕
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  • Valep Ruz

    I have a question… When you say goodbye to someone by text which one would you use?

    • Tạ Thu

      I think it depents on who say goodbye first. If you say first, you use “안녕히계세요”. If you say goodbye after the other, you use “안녕히가세요”

  • sanne bruynooge

    dont you just say annyeong when you’re leaving? or is than in an informal way

    • h

      it is informal

  • Yu Shan

    안녕히 가세요!

  • Beely Mamart

    안녕히 가세요.

  • Ki C

    안녕히 게세요

  • Invisi Bear

    any tips on how to type in korean, wanted to practice it with the sessions

    • Kody Pailin

      For me, it was easy to get used to experimenting with the keyboard functions! You’ll definitely get the hang of it soon!

    • golu14

      If u are on a touchscreen, you can have as many languages as u want from the keyboard settings. If ur on a laptop, i recommend u buying ‘korean keyboard stickers’ that would be tiny korean letter stickers u can paste on your keyboard buttons alongside english letters, then u can change your keyboard language from the settings and bam! u have a korean keyboard!

  • Sebastian Lukito

    Hahaha you guys are so nice explaining these. I always rather say “mkase” than “terima kasih” in Indonesian. Because everyone would be so surprised if you say “terima kasih” clearly.

  • Florian Aliraj

    What about both people leaving? ??

    • Ashley Davis

      You say 안녕히가세요 when both are leaving (:

  • Daisanni Yeager


  • Ashley Davis

    When both are leaving, you say 안녕히가세요. c:

  • Ashley Davis

    안녕히 가세요.