Level 1 Lesson 7 / This, That, It / 이, 그, 저

In this lesson, you can learn how to say “this” “that” “it” and “the” in Korean. In English, “this” and “that” can work as both modifiers and pronouns, but you need to use different words in Korean. This is because in Korean “this” as in “this is a book” is composed of two parts, 이 (this) + 거 (thing). Find out more about how to use these words in Korean by listening to the lesson and checking out the free PDF file attached to the lesson. If you have any question, as always, please feel free to leave them here! 감사합니다!

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 1 Lesson 7 / This, That, It / 이, 그, 저
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  • Maggie Philena Betz

    For 거 vs 것 in the pronouns. Is 거 just for when speaking because it’s easier to pronounce, or can they be used interchangeably while typing as well?

    • ㅋㅋㅋ

      better to use 이거 🙂

  • valeria arroyo

    But what about“이거 물 이에요” is it not “이 물”
    From what I know the first one means this water and the second one that water
    But both of them are using “이” but they still change can someone please explaine that to me 제발!

    • NaraAkuma

      Until what I’ve studied so far “이거 물이에” means “This is water”, you are explaining what it is (in a bottle, cup, cup of glass, jug, etc.), but when you say “이 물” you are talking about water as a subject, the water from a bottle, jug, the water from a lake, from a reservatory, from a river, etc. “이 물” literally means “This water” not ~”This is water”.

    • Alk

      NaraAkuma is right. 이에요 means “is”, so 이거 물이에요 means “this is water” and or literally “this water is”.

  • Su

    I am a little confused about 이가. I understand the concept that 이 means “this thing near you,” and that because it’s a modifier when you want to use it as a pronoun you have to add the word 기 to it, but when you do that are you creating the same “this” we learned in lesson 6? Or put another way, is the 이가 discussed in lesson 6 the same as “this thing near you?”

    • Samira

      I’m not sure what you mean even though I’m a bit confused to but from what I remember you spelled 이거 as 이가, which could pretty much change the whole thing aroud. 이 is used to express a closeness between you and your friends. 가 is a word that marks the subject of a sentence. So 이가 isn’t one word, but is a combination of two different words.

  • Noor

    I have a question, so everytime I want to use “This” as a noun i have to add 거 or 것 in ever case for example if i want to say this girl is my sister how would I say it?

    • Pallavi Lakshmi

      I think we’d say 이 여자가 나 동생이에요

    • Mandy

      동생 is little brother in Korean. 여동생 is little sister in Korean xD. Its okay we all make mistakes. The way that you would say that is “내 여동생이 이 이거 여자합니다.” Remember that Korean sentences are structured differently from English. In English the order of our sentences is Subject Verb Object but in Korean it is Subject object Verb. For example, the sentence Subject: This girl Verb: is Object: my sister, in Korean would be this, Subject: My sister Object: This girl Verb: Is, “my sister this girl is.” I know pretty weird xD. Once you learn the words and proper grammar you just put it in this order and you got your sentence xD.

    • Mandy

      You would use 거 😉

  • Savannah

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    • Ki’Asia Collins

      Id like to study with you too its minjucollins

  • Rebecca Aliberti

    I don’t understand something : you said that if the thing that we speak about is not in our sight, we use 그. But as this thing is far away from both of us, souldn’t we rather use 저 ? I have another example : if I speak about the hat of Napoleon (someone who is dead), what should I say ?

  • MX

    A little confused, because on another website I used, it says that 그 is for something that’s out of sight, but the workbook said that it’s something that’s far from both you and the person you’re talking to? So do I use 그 if I’m talking about the bus across the road from both of us? Or do I use 저?

    • Pallavi Lakshmi

      그 is used when the thing is far from you but closer to the pwrson you’re with. When its far from both of you, we use 저

    • MX

      thank you! 🙂

  • Amanda Ruiz

    When they asked something along the lines of “how do you talk about a person who’s not there”, I immediately started singing in my head: “그 새끼보다 내가 못한 게 뭐야 (…)”

  • MX

    Is 그것이 = 그게, 그것을 = 그걸, 그것은 = 그건? Thanks

  • Leo Oliver

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  • eunoia

    if you are writing in korean does it matter whether you use “것” or “거”?????

    • lucid.oblivion

      I think it’s when you’re using 것 as the noun “thing” it needs to be 것, but if you’re using 것 in 이것 then it can also be 이거 for ease of pronunciation. I believe 이거 is used more often than 이것 when saying “this is…”

      Back in the previous lesson is talks about 것 vs 거

  • Xanthippe Eagle

    Hi! Looking for study buddy~ Kakao ID EJ Eagle

  • Charity Kim

    does 그 mean “it” or “that one”? I’m a little confused because when the sentences are translated, it is used as “it is” not “that one”.


    Hi Hi. I’m aiming to learn Korean with TTMIK but talked to some here and they stopped studying the 1st week lol. But, I’m still want to practice and review the lessons with someone who has a goal for its learning, and native speakers also. I speak Spanish too in case that helps out. Kakao ID jockisb

  • Jacob Corona

    So like in lesson 6, when you’d say (i-geo mwo-ye-yo) “what is this?” If you wanted to say, “what is that?” Could I say (jeo-geo mwo-ye-yo)?

    • Jed Santiago

      네! 맞아요. Yes that is correct 🙂

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  • Nina

    Hello 🙂
    I am studying with the TTMIK Grammar Book Level 1 and its Workbook. But I can’t get myself to understand when to use 이거, 그거, 저거 or when to only use 이, 그, 저 …
    In the Grammar book they use the example “This coffee” and later “This Person”, but once they only use 이 and once they use 이거. But standing alone this seems like the exact same thing to me… I just don’t understand the difference between modifier and pronoun here…
    Does my explenation of my problem make sense? I hope someone can help me 🙂

    • Kenneth

      Translate the words into English and see if it helps. 이 means this. 거[것] means thing. So if you don’t know how to say book (책) in Korean, pick it up and ask: 이거뭐예요? Remember, you cannot call a person (사람) a “thing”, that would be insultive.
      Therefore, you cannot say 이거사람, you must say “this” person: 이 사람. The same logic works for 그것 and 저것. Use 이 when the object is near you (like you are or can hold it) Use 그 when the object is nearer the listener than to you. Use 저 when the object you are speaking about is the equal distance away from you and the listener or the object is very far away. I hope this helps a little bit.

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  • Lisa Steele

    이가물이에요 and 이가물 both appear to mean “this is water”. Lesson 6 shows “this is water” the first way and this Lesson 7 shows “this is water” the second way. I cannot figure out the difference. Is each version used in different circumstances? Can someone please help me understand the difference?

  • Aleksa

    I am confused on when to use the modifier without ‘geo’ and when to use it with it. Could someone help me and explain?
    Are these correct?
    – 이거커피예오 (This is a coffee)
    – 이 커피 (This coffee)

    • 조슈아

      Those examples look good, except the first one needs a space between 이거 and 커피예요. And it is 커피예요* not 커피예오.
      In the context of 이거, 그거, and 저거, ‘거’ is used as a general term for ‘this’ and ‘that’. You only need it if you are referring to ‘this’ or ‘that’ as a separate subject.
      For example:
      That is bread. ‘That’ is the subject alone and thus the Korean equivalent would be: 그거 빵.
      But if I were to say: This bread tastes bad. 그 빵을 맛웁서요. Notice I do not use 거 to state my reference to a general subject as it is replaced by 빵 which is the specific object that the sentence refers to.
      *don’t worry about my use of the particle ‘를’ that is coming up towards the beginning of level 2 I believe.*
      But based on your example sentences, you’re use of 거 is correct.
      Hopefully this helps, sorry that it was so long winded.

    • 빌랄하

      as they said it depends on that object if its near you you use simply 이 and if its far than you and its near to the person next to you you use simply 이거

  • 조슈아

    아빠: 이 캐이크가 봐세요.
    엄마: 그 캐이크가 맛있을 거예요.
    아빠: 잘 먹겠습니다!

    Dad: Look at this cake.
    Mom: That cake looks tasty.
    Dad: I will eat well!

    A: 저 개가 있고 싶어요!
    B: 저거 고양이었어요.

    A: I really want that dog!
    B: That was a cat.

  • Laura

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    • Alaa Nafea