Level 6 Lesson 17 / because, since, let me tell you… / -거든(요)


안녕하세요! In this lesson, we will look at the commonly used verb ending, -거든(요). It has a very subtle meaning, and when used correctly and appropriately, it can make your Korean sound much more natural and fluent. Learn how to use this ending with teachers 현우 and 경은!

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Level 6 Lesson 17 / because, since, let me tell you… / -거든(요)
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  • Dania Freih

    1. -왜 한국어를 공부해요? -좋아하거든요.
    2. 난 몰라. 집에 있거든.
    3. 어제 신발을 샀거든요. 지금 신고 있어요.

  • Kim chiu

    잘 가르쳐 줘서 고맙습니다

  • 이상민

    so is the ordinary present form (e.g 바쁘거든요) counts as future tense as well? 감사합니다~

  • 야씬

    건강한 다이어트 중이에요. 과일하고 야채만 먹는 것을 추천하거든요. (You are on a healthy diet. I recommend you to only eat fruit and vegetables.)

    그 사람은 모로코에서 온 외국인이어서 한국말 잘 못 해요. 그런데 영어로 잘 하거든요. 그 사람을 위해서 영어로 이 문장을 번역할 수 있나요? (That person is a foreigner from Morocco and therefore doesn’t speak Korean that well. But he is good at speaking English (so) can you translate this sentence into english for him?)

    부산으로 가고 싶거든요. 혹시 기차가 여기서 언제 도착하는지 아세요? (I want to go to Busan. Do you happen to know when the train arrives here?)

  • 안톤

    왜 그렇게 했어요? 아, 똑똑한 시람이거든요, 아무거나 맞아요. Why he did it like that? Ah, he’s a smart person so he knows what to do.

    왜 다 하고 싶을수 있어요? Why can he do everything he wants?
    그냥 돈이 많거든요… Just because, he has lots of money…

  • Matt

    Usage 1
    [1] 요즘에 저는 너무 피곤해요. 일은 바쁘거든요. = I’m very tired these days. Because work is busy.
    [2] 마지막 코멘트 이래로 7개월 지났어요. 한국에 왔을 때 한국어를 열심히 공부하는 것을 멈췄거든요. = It has been 7 months since my last comment. Because when I came to Korea I stopped studying Korean hard.

    Usage 2
    [3] 한국말 아직 잘 못했어서 당혹 스러웠거든요. 지금부터 열심히 해볼래요. = I am embarrassed that my Korean is not good yet. I will try harder from now on.

    레슨 감사하비니다.

  • Yuki

    그만 좀 불러 지금 일에 있거든요 나중에 전화 해
    내 인생에서 네가 필요 없어거든요

  • Haru haru

    At the end of the lesson, they did mention that you could use 거든요 to soften your speech. So if someone asks me to do something but I refuse to because I’m tired, and I already said I am, could I say: “피곤한다고 했거든요” to not sound harsh or is the sentence awkward?