Level 6 Lesson 7 / One way or the other / 어차피


The Korean expression, 어차피 [eo-cha-pi], can be translated to many things in English and sometimes doesn’t translate very well as some of the various translations for the word are “anyway”, “in any case”, or “one way or the other”. Come join in as 현우 and 경은 explain how and to use 어차피 to express yourself!

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Level 6 Lesson 7 / One way or the other / 어차피
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  • Yuki

    어차피 내가 가는지 몰라 그래서 그냥 가
    나: 왜 많이 음식을 샀어?
    가: 너 이거 어차피 안 먹을 거야