Level 7 Lesson 10 / Sentence Building Drill 9


안녕하세요! This is the Sentence Building Drill (문장 만들기 연습) lesson! In this series, we will look at how you can expand your Korean sentence building skills by adding or replacing certain words in given sentences. All the “key” sentences that are used in these lessons are composed of grammar points that have previously been introduced through our lessons. This series will be a good opportunity for you to review what you have learned in the past and also to learn some new vocabulary! Have fun studying!

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 7 Lesson 10 / Sentence Building Drill 9
  • junny

    그 사람은 지금 음악을 듣느라고 아무리 불어 봐자 못 들어요.
    뭐라고 말했길래 그 사람이 저를 모르는 척해요.
    제가 말한 것처럼 했군요.
    이 세 문장이 다 맞아요?
    저는 코멘트를 처음 남기는 사람일까요?
    그리고 비디오에서 선생님들께서 ‘처음처럼’를 말씀을 하셨잖아요?
    전 소주가 생각 났어요.~ ㅋㅋ

  • 시혁

    저랑 친한 적 하지 마세요 = Don’t pretend you are close friends with me

    pdf에서 실수가 있어요? or 없어요? ^^

    • Lucrèce Renault

      If I’m not mistaken, it should be 척 and not적.

  • Samier

    안녕하세요 TTMIK!!

    존은 sentence builder이야!!


  • i love ………………..

  • Chin Yong

    Hihi 🙂
    Why isn’t there Level 6 and Level 7 available in the Shop? 🙂
    Is there anyway that I can purchase it? 🙂
    Also There isn’t any more review kit for Level 2 and onwards 🙂

  • Daniel

    Can I use 그랬군요, to express shock. For example, I see something strange and say “그럤군요,” as in: That really happened, right?

  • Zitaemin

    I don’t understand something in the second sentence. This sentence means “What did you say to make him pretend NOT to know me?”
    Is the negative in the korean sentence? What’s the negative word in that?
    Thanks in advance! ^^

    • Zitaemin

      Oh, I already see that. The negative word is the “모르다”.

  • Eman

    그 사람이 벌써 집에 가느라. 아무리 아프는 척 봤자 못 해요. That person already went home so no matter you pretended to be sick, it didn’t work.

    뭐 하길래 그렇게 너무 행복해요?

    제 생일 파티 준비한 것처럼 했고나.

  • Leni

    How is “한국에 오래 살았군요” and “한국에 오래 살았나봐” different? can they both be used?

  • Kam

    그 남자 아이는 지금 게임 하느라고 아무리 불러 봤자 듣지 않을 거예요
    내 친구한테 나랑 안 친한 척 하라고 뭐라고 했어?
    나: 그 여자가 영화 배우처럼 것 같은데 그 여자가 모르다 그래서 그냥 그녀한테 말했어요
    가: 그랬군요 그런데 그 다음엔 무슨 일이 있었죠?
    나: 그녀가 걸어가 버렸어요