Level 7 Lesson 15 / What was it again? / 뭐더라?, 뭐였죠?


Sometimes you forget someone’s name, when you were supposed to meet someone or how to go to some place. In that case, you can ask either yourself or the person you’re talking to and say “What was it again?” or “When were we going to meet?” in English. In this lesson, let us take a look at how to say that in Korean, using the endings -더라?, -았/(이)었/였지? and -았/(이)었/였죠?

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Level 7 Lesson 15 / What was it again? / 뭐더라?, 뭐였죠?
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  • m.t.

    Hi, thanks for this! Sorry to ask this stupid question, but is it correct to think that usage of ~이에요 corresponds to ~이었지/죠, and ~예요 corresponds to ~였지/죠?

    • ~이었지요/~였지요 are the past tense of ~이에요/~예요. 🙂

  • Samier

    안녕하세요 TTMIK!!

    이 레슨은 많이 새 sentence structures 있니까 좀 어려 있어요 ㅠㅠ;;;

    열공! 화이팅!


    • 어려 있어요 > 어려웠어요 or 어려움이 있었어요.

      사미르 씨, 화이팅!

  • kstills

    그거에 대해 어떻게 알게 된다고 하더라?

    여기까지 가는지 어떻게 알다고 했지?

  • zatishii

    hello there… urmmm.. just wanted to say that i think the audio is not for this lesson bcs it seems like the audio is for Level 4 Lesson 15…

  • Aidan

    Hi! I can’t open a link with PDF lesson. Could you please check. Thanks!

  • Aidan

    @jinseokjin, kamsahamnida!
    now I can’t open pdf files for level 6 – lesson 19 and level 5 – lesson 17.
    Would be very grateful if you can check them out as well )

    • Hi Aidan,

      I checked them now. I couldn’t find any problem.

      If you don’t mind, would you try to open them again?

      Thanks for your comment.

  • RonaldoBrazilful

    I just have tried to open them, and:
    When I open Level 6 Lesson 19 and push on link “free PDF for this lesson here”, in the next window the following text is showing up: “You are not allowed to edit this item”.
    And when I open Level 5 Lesson 17 and push on link “free PDF for this lesson here”, in the next window the following text is showing up: “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”
    For information – my physical location is in Kazakhstan.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi, RonaldoBrazilful.

      Yes, as you mentioned, there were some problem in the post, so we just fixed it.
      I am sorry for the inconvenience.
      You will see the PDF files without any problems.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Mizero

    I can´t open the PDF D:
    it said “404 bad request”
    please fix it to study this lesson much better

  • Kevin C
    • 필라르


  • Eman

    어디에서 만날 거라고 했죠?
    제 친구가 언제 가다고 했죠?

  • 하오라

    언제 만나더라…?
    언제 만난다고 했지..?

  • Patrice Jones

    Hi the pdf version cannot be accessed using a mobile for this lesson. It keeps on taking me to a page that says bad gateway. Please fix.

  • 정지혜

    어제 무슨 요일이었죠

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) What was this dish called, again?
    – 이 요리가 뭐더라/뭐였죠?

    2) How long did you say you’re going to wait?
    – 언제까지 기다린다고 했죠?

    3) Where did you say you brought this book from?
    – 이 책을 어디에서 산다고 하더라?

    4) Whom did you meet? I forgot.
    – 누구를 만났더라?

    5) What was kimchi, again?
    – 김치는 뭐라고했죠?

    6) Which color dress did you say you’re wearing?
    – 어떤 색 옷을 입는다고 했죠?

    If there are any mistakes in the above sentences, Please correct me.감사합니다!!

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    If anyone’s not able to access the pdf from the link given above. Here’s the link to the pdf.

  • Dania Freih

    그 사람은 누구라고 했지?
    어제 어디로 갔죠?
    누구랑 가더라? 언제였지?

  • TinaMusicFairy

    – 이게 한국어로 뭐였지?
    – 이게 한국어로 뭐더라?
    – 이 영화 이름이 뭘라고 했지?
    – 이 노래 이름이 뭐라고 했죠?
    – 이 책 어떤 레벌이 했더라?
    – 저 애체 뭐라고 했죠?
    – 선생님이 새로운 레슨 언제 해제할 거라고 했지?
    – 그 사람은 언제 왔다고 해더라?
    – 그 사람 누구 였지?
    – 이거 뭐지?

  • Kam

    몇 시에 제가 집에 덜아와였죠? 기억 못 해요
    이 생선을 뭐더라?
    그 가방이 누구라고 했지?

  • Mikhaela Adarve

    이거 한더픈 누군었지?
    하나 씨 별명 뭐였죠?
    재일 좋어요 색이 뭐더라?
    오빠가 차칸을 너무 좋아였죠?
    앤 씨 주소에 어디엿지?
    지금 언니가 뭐했죠?