Level 7 Lesson 5 / as much as / -((으)ㄹ) 만큼


Learn how to say “I am as tall as you.” or “Take as much as you want.” in Korean through this lesson! The keyword for this lesson is 만큼, and its usages are very diverse. Be sure to check out all the sample sentences and practice by making your own sentences in the comment!

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Level 7 Lesson 5 / as much as / -((으)ㄹ) 만큼
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  • first…^^

  • 저는 차를 정말 사고 싶지만 돈 많이 없어요.
    I really want to buy a car but I don’t have a lot of money. Is it right?

    • 정말 차를 사고 싶지만 돈이 많이 없어요.

    • 고맙습니다! 효진 씨, 저는 너무 너무 고맙습니다!

  • Nadia

    Oh my god! “만큼”이라는 표현의 의미와 어떻게 “만큼” 사용할 수 있는지 오래 궁금하기 때문에 정말 감사합니다~~! 그 표현이 중요하네요~

  • michael

    hi, I am still at level 2, but nevertheless I have a question for the authors of this fantastic website.
    How many levels do you have in mind? 10, 15, 20 or what?
    I wonder mainly out of curiosity, I just would like to be able to put my progress in perspective (even if you never really finish to learn a new language 😉 )

    a BIG thanks and keep up the good work. I had being studying korean on and off so many times before I found this website. Since I found it, I am much much much more regular in my studying!

  • faithbee

    한곡에 정말 가고 싶지만 시간과 돈이 부족했으니까 못가요. 그런데 한 번이라도 나중에 꼭 갈거에요. 여러분 도 저만큼 가고 싶어요? 그리고 나중에 가면 TTMIK 선생님들과 만날수 있으면 좋겠습니다! 그러면 그때까지 기다리주세요… ㅋㅋㅋ

    수고 많이 하셨어요!!

    • Bri Bri

      저도 faithbee만큼 한국에 가고싶어요!! 전 내년에 갈거예요. 그리고 한국에서 TTMIK 성생님들을 만나고싶어요 🙂

    • Wow..Very well said..and I completely understood it all.. 🙂

  • 땅만큼 하늘만큼 사랑해.이표현 어떻게요?
    일이 끝나요? 조금 끝나요.

    • 하늘만큼 땅만큼 사랑해 🙂

  • 조금 만큼끝나요

  • Ingrid

    한걸음 만큼

    한걸음 is a step right? so this will be… something like to the point to give a step?

  • 하니

    How do we say “We don’t meet up as often as in the past?
    우리 옛날만큼 자주 안 만아요. ??

    • Annette

      How about this? Is this correct too – are they the same?
      예정에만큼 자주 안만아요.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      네. 잘했어요!
      만아요 –> 만나요
      이것만 바꾸면 돼요.^^

  • va rog ajutatima si pe mine sa innvat limba coreeana sau sunati la nr asta 0752321842

  • Anthony

    1. 옛날에 만큼 안 재미있는데 아직 합니다.

    It’s not as fun as it used to be BUT I still do it.

    2. 정말 오고 싶지만 다른 데 가야 돼요.

    As much as I want to go, I have to go somewhere else.


  • Anthony

    Also– Is it safe to say that +만큼 compares instances of quantity in a similar way that +처럼/+같이 compares characteristics of things, i.e. quality?

    • Curt – We had such a great time with you, Magnus! This picture is befuuiatl and we can’t wait to see the others after you’ve done your magic. Great work as always!

  • le thi phuong hong

    집을 살수 있을만큼 돈을 벌고싶 어요…그렇게 말하면 맞아요? 대답하세요…감사해요

    • KyungHwa Sun

      집을 살수 있을만큼 돈을 벌고싶 어요 –> 집을 살 수 있을 만큼 돈을 벌고 싶어요.

  • heelee

    so both 고 싶 다 and 원 하다 mean to want but 고싶다 is an adj verb while 원하다 is action verb , and 필요하다 which means to needs is and adj verb right ? well i’m really confused now

    다시 없을 만큼 만큼 너를 너무 사랑해
    love you as much as there’s no other times/like no tomorrow never comes

  • Terence Poon

    “참 고마워요 이만큼 사랑해요 이만큼 셀 수 없는 공기만큼 사랑해”
    from SNSD Snowy Wish

  • chezza

    if both 원하는 and 필요한 are in the present tense, how do you know when to use it in the -는 form and when to use it in the -(으)ᄂ form?

    • 학생

      Easy…… not. Memorize 😀
      The difference between 원하는 and 필요한 is that
      원하다 is action verb to want
      필요하다 is descriptive verb (adjective) to BE needed
      하고 싶다 – 하고 싶은 – also descriptive to be liked/appealing
      If you want to say “that was needed” you write 필요했던, 하고 싶었던

      You maybe see 았,었,였던 with action verbs too, but it doesn’t change the meaning in that case. 원했던 = 원한 = that I wanted

  • Laura

    I tried to make two sentences, but I am not sure. Can anyone correct them please?

    He believes you no matter what/ without thinking/ to the extend of being an idiot (hope you get what I mean)
    그 사람은 바보만큼 니 말을 미더요.
    or would you say that with 처럼?

    I searched for it like crazy. 미친만큼 찾았어요.
    Or would you say that 미치게 찾았어요.?
    And I maybe just can’t remember, but how would I say “but I couldn’t find it” when 찾다 means to search and to find?

  • rochim hidayah

    죽을 만큼 보고 싶어요.^^

  • Eman

    여기 다 제 책들. 원하는 만큼 읽세요.

    내일 일요일으니까, 제가 원하는 만큼 잘거에요.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      여기 다 제 책들. 원하는 만큼 읽세요. –> 여기 다 제 책이에요. 원하는 만큼 읽으세요.

      내일 일요일으니까, 제가 원하는 만큼 잘거에요. –> 내일 일요일이니까 제가 원하는 만큼 잘 거예요.

  • you really don’t have to say that 원하는 만큼 읽세요, you can just say 자주 읽어요. Too much brain power (usage).

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) Eat as much as you want.
    – 원한 만큼 먹으세요

    2) Her house is as big as a palace
    – 그녀의 집이 궁전만큼 큰네요

    3) I don’t like hamburger as much as I like kimchi.
    – 김치 좋아하는 만큼 햄버거 별로 안 좋아요

    4) You should exercise as much as you eat.
    – 당신이 먹는 만큼 운동해야 돼요

    5) You have to work as much as me
    – 나만큼 일 해야 돼요

    If there are any mistakes in the above sentences, Please correct me.감사합니다!!!

  • Dania Freih

    놀랄 만큼 벌써 다 왔어요.
    저만큼 똑똑하지 않인가 봐요.
    얼마만큼 있어요? 이만큼?

  • Leni

    이 김치는 한국에서만틈 맛있어요? Is this Kimchi as delicious as it is in Korea?
    미국에서 아파트는 한국에서만틈 비싸요? Are apartments in the US as expensive as they are in Korea?

  • Faith “패이트” L

    Hi~ can i ask … if 원하다 becomes 원하는 만큼 why does 필요하다 become 필요한 만큼 and not 필요하는 만큼? … Thank you~~ ^.^

    • Imogen Eve Blair

      I think its because 필요하다 ( to be needed ) is an actually an adjective uses 이/가
      e.g 음식이 필요해요 = I need food.
      not 음식을 필요해요 = xxxx
      so its an adjective therefore you use 은/ㄴ with adjectives to make it a noun form.

  • Derek Stone

    내 친구가 한국어 매일 공부하고 있는데 내가 그만큼 공부했으면 쉴 틈도 없었을 거 같아요.

  • Imogen Eve Blair

    운동을 매일 하는 것을 멈췄니까 저는 먹던 만큼을 먹을 수 없어요 = Since I stopped exercising everyday I can’t eat as much as I used to.
    너한테 정말 도와주고 싶지만 할 수 없어= I really wan’t to help you but I can’t.
    너는 이것을 나만큼 원하지 않아 = you don’t want this as much as I do.

  • Kam

    나: 아ㅏㅏㅏ 저기 바퀴벌레가 있어요!
    가: 그게 어디에 있지요? 그거 어땠어요?
    나: 몰라 몰라 아~ 사라졌다 … 이만큼 커요

    나는 지금 너만큼 많은 돈을 쓸 수 없어 왜냐면 난 실업자거든요

  • Andryska

    배가 터질 만큼 과식했어요.
    (책을) 일주일에 읽을 만큼만 빌리세요.
    동생은 이제 아버지만큼 힘이 세요.
    나: 사과를 얼마만큼 살까요? 가: 먹을 만큼 사세요
    사람들이 그녀를 알아볼 수 없는 만큼 성형수술 받았어요.