Level 8 Lesson 12 / Present Tense (Various Types) / 현재시제 총정리


We’ve compiled some of the various types of Korean present tense structures into one lesson! Yay! Some of the structures we’ve already covered in our previous lessons, so If you haven’t fully learned how to use these structures and would like a full explanation, go back and check out the related lessons. Happy studying!

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 8 Lesson 12 / Present Tense (Various Types) / 현재시제 총정리
  • ‘(으)ㄹ 수 있다’ 와 ‘(으)ㄹ 수도 있다’ 달라요?

  • thanks for this website.. i love it very much and really appreciate that..
    now i am 17 years old, and i don’t know, if that i am too late to learn this language.
    but i know that i love to learn foreign language.. just now i know only 3 language.
    thanks for help.. make me easier to learn,, 🙂

  • Woon ChinLoy

    서 점 should be bookstore instead of library ?감사합니다!!!섬생님둘이. TTMIK is really fun and making learning korean more easy.

  • Samier

    Awesome review! I totally forgot about -(으)ᄅ 수도 있다 ^^;;;

    고맙습니다 ^^

  • Recycle …round and round WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! Could spare some time and have something other than PayPal couldn’t you!!!

  • myra

    이거 잊었어요. 이 레손 다시 공부해야 돼요 근데 안 할 수도 있으니까 내가 게으른 학생이에요. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ God, that took so long to type. I hope my examples are correct.

  • RinRin

    why is lesson 11 missing 🙁

  • Dania Freih

    I made a sample sentence for every type of 현재시제:

    1. 요즘은 시험이 많이 있어요.
    2. 이 시간에 어디로 가세요?
    3. 지금은 공부하고 있어요.
    4. 잠을 자고 싶어요.
    5. 직접 할 수 있어요?
    6. 그 사람한테 뭐라고 불러야 돼요?
    7. 컴퓨터가 아직도 안 돼요?
    8. 혼자 가지 마세요.
    9. 우리 이젠 시작해요.
    10. 여기 제일 조용한 것 같아요.
    11. 그 사람이 바쁠 수도 있어요.

  • Kam

    지금은 예문 쓰고 있어요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    매일매일 한국어 공부하고 연습해요
    만약 끝났으면서 나가세요
    어떤 것 달게 먹고 싶어요