Level 8 Lesson 5 / Advanced Situational Expressions: Refusing in Korean


Welcome to the first lesson in the Advanced Situation Expressions series. Throughout this series, we will take a look at common situations and some of the advanced expressions you can use in each of them. In this lesson, we will introduce various expressions you can use when you want to refuse or say no to something.

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Level 8 Lesson 5 / Advanced Situational Expressions: Refusing in Korean
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  • Mr. Kim.

    Hello, thanks for the lesson!

    I keep getting an error when opening the PDF to the lesson. Is anyone else havingt this problem?

    • Jose

      No, I don’t have that problem… Have you tried to download it again?

  • Jose

    I like these lessons so much, why don’t you give an opportunity to Kyunhwa on co-hosting some level 8 lesson in the future?…I can picture it: it would be wonderful 🙂

  • Steven kay

    Hello, I really like this lesson

  • Tom

    Great explanations! Some of these I should have learned a long time ago!

  • 이런 레슨이 너무 너무 좋은거 같아요! 감사합니다! 다음 레슨 기다리고 있을께요! <3

  • Johanna

    Really useful! thank you!

  • Very nice lesson!
    But I think you missed a very useful extra expression for refusing things — 어쩔수없어요. It’s pretty polite and but very hard for someone to make.

    An example of this would be
    못할거같아요. . . 미안해요 어쩔수없을거같아요

    is this right?

  • vipalive

    this is extreamly great ! you’re good either . i like your explaination and please dont stop by doing this 🙂

  • Michael Doyle

    ‘갠찮은’ 레슨입니다 ㅎㅎ

  • Jo A

    This lesson is very useful! 🙂

  • Eman

    interesting lesson (:

  • Kam

    이렇게 하면 안 될 것 같아서 지금은 그만하세요 이러지 마세요
    좀 음식 또는 음료수 먹어 싶어요? 아니에요 괜찬아요 이제 생각이 없어요