TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 11 – Advanced Idiomatic Expressions – 마음 (mind, heart)

Let’s talk more about the use of the word 마음 (mind, heart) in Korean idioms. When you study with this series, you will learn many idiomatic expressions that are based on a certain Korean word that is used in everyday Korean conversation. In order to fully understand and use the expressions introduced in this series, it is essential that you understand the gr
ammatical structure of the sentence and check out any previous related TTMIK lessons so you can grasp the full meaning of these idioms.

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TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 11 – Advanced Idiomatic Expressions – 마음 (mind, heart)
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  • 라넬

    우리 나라가 강한 태풍을 맞혀서 제 마음이 무거워요.. ㅠㅠ

    • sinsameak

      May God bless you and your nation . I felt sorrow for what’s happened .

  • 라넬


    • sinsameak

      천만이에요 .

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) From now I’ve determined to study hard.
    – 이제부터 열심히 공부할 거라고 마음을 먹었어요

    2) Dont’ listen to what So-Ah says, just do whatever you want.
    – 소앟 씨가 한 말을 들지 말고 마음대로 하세요

    3) I (happen to)like this book.
    – 이 책을 마음에 들어요

    4) What you said 2 years ago, still weighs my heart down.
    – 당신 2년 전에 한 말이 아직도 마음에 걸령요

    5) Don’t take it to your heart what mom said.
    – 엄마가 한 말이 마음에 두지 마세요

    6) I want to go there, but my leg hurts.
    – 거기에 가고 싶은 마음은 굴똑 같지만, 다리가 아픈데요

    7) I want to be like you, but that’s impossible.
    – 당신처럼 됐고 싶은 마음은 굴똑 같지만, 그럴리가 없어요

    8) Since, we connect so well we are best friends.
    – 우리 마음은 통하니까 우리가 치난 진구예요

    9) My heart became heavy after watching that movie.
    – 그 영화 보다가, 마음이 무거워요

    10) After listening to this you will be relieved.
    – 이건 들는 다음에 마음이 놓을 거예요

    If there are any mistakes in my sentences please correct me.감사합니다!!