TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 29 – Advanced Situational Expressions: 차가 막힐 때

If you’re stuck in traffic somewhere, what do you normally do? Get angry and pound your hands on the steering wheel while yelling at the car in front of you? Sing every track from the “Frozen” soundtrack at the top of your lungs to pass the time? Whatever you do, we challenge you to “let it go” and try studying Korean instead! In this lesson, we give you 13 phrases in Korean that you can use when you want to talk or ask about traffic. Study this lesson in the car, on the bus, or on a cramped subway to really make these sentences relate to your real life, which is one of the best ways to learn instead of just sitting down and memorizing! We hope you enjoy, and thanks for studying with us! 😀

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 29 – Advanced Situational Expressions: 차가 막힐 때
  • shantellp

    this audio clip from soundcloud is not loading for me. Am I the only one having this problem?

    • Seokjin Jin

      @shantellp:disqus Hi. If soundcloud doesn’t work, why don’t you download the file to your computer?

      It works well here.

    • shantellp

      Yes. I’ve started doing downloading. I’m enjoying the lessons and appreciate all of the time and support the TTMIK team gives. By the way, I am from The Bahamas. How would I translate my Country’s name in Korean?

    • 제생각에는, 더 바하마스~^^

  • Jonathan

    people also say 차가 밀렸어요. 차가 하나도 안 밀렸어요.

    • Seokjin Jin


  • Kam

    난 너를 우리 집에 초대하고 싶었는데 오늘 차가 너무 많이 막혀 들었어요