TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 30 – Sentence Building Drill 17

Learn to replace words in certain sentence structure to create your own sentences with Sentence Building Drill series! In Sentence Building Drill lessons, you can train yourself to come up with Korean sentences comfortably and with confidence. Flexibility is key, so instead of just memorizing sentences, challenge yourself to mix and match different parts of these key sentences to learn to say what you want to say in Korean. Get started with this lesson right now and thanks for studying with us! 감사합니다~

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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My Weekly Korean Vocabulary!

Learning different expressions and sentences derived from a keyword is a very effective way not only to understand the word in the context but also to improve your sentence building skills, like you practiced with this lessons. Check out My Weekly Korean Vocabulary e-books with which you can learn 7 new keywords every week with 20 accompanying sample sentences followed by vocabulary note for each keyword!

Level 9 Lesson 20 – Sentence Building Drill 16
Practicing building your own sentences with Sentence Building Drill lessons 🙂 If you missed the last Sentence Building Drill lesson, you can check out the lesson here! 🙂

TTMIK Level 9 Lesson 30 – Sentence Building Drill 17
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  • qwer qwer

    oww, this is last lesson at level 9. and you will end grammar lessons the next 30 lessons at level 10.
    then? then you are not teach us grammar but what? 🙂

    • @disqus_UXkYfj8xFJ:disqus, Yes, this is the last lesson of Level 9, and after Level 10, we won’t be adding any more ‘grammar’ lessons to the series, but there will be much more content to come to the site!

    • qwer qwer

      actually i missed your “Advanced Korean Lesson” video series. i hope later you are focus to make some advanced video lessons later. thanks a lot to teach us that beatiful language. but until now we want to learn more deeply ^_^

  • hagsaeng

    Thank you for the great lesson as always !! 🙂

  • Cliff

    9급 시리즈를 끝냈어요–축하합니다! 평소와 같이 레슨들 모두 훌륭해요. 레슨마다 배울 게도 많고 문법 점들을 잘 설명도 하고 현우 선생님과 경은 선생님의 대화 방법도 아주 재미 있어요. 특히 “‘밤을 새는 한이 있더라도 현우씨 레슨 다 쓰세요!’ … 알았어요, 이제 압으로 이렇게 말할 게요” 하고 멕심 잡지에 대한 말은 정말 웃겼어요.

    현우씨 말은 “무섭게” 영어로 번역하면 “as soon as” 좀 약해요. 그래서 제 생각은 아마 그런 강조를 표현하기 위해서 “the moment”이나 “the very moment” 이용할 수 있어요. 예를 들어 “I heard that the moment the performance was over everybody went outside.”

    1급 제1 레슨은 12월 2009년에 출시돼서 이제 TTMIK가 문법 레슨들을 만들지 거의 4년반 돼요. 이제까지 한 270 레슨이 되니까 진짜 업적돼요. 제 걱정하는 것은 10급 시리즈가 끝나기가 무섭게 현우씨와 경은씨가 피곤하게 웹사이트에서 영구히 나갈 거에요!

    다 고맙습니다!

    • Blayanne Aina

      how long have you been studying Korean?

    • Cliff

      열심히 공부한지 3년 되었어요. 그런데 내 댓글에서 한국어를 배우지마세요! 지금 다시 읽어서 여러 잘못과 어색한 표현들이 있는 것을 깨달았거든요! (Could you understand?)

    • 문샛별

      한국어 정말 잘하시네요~^^ 조금의 어색한 표현들은 있지만 한국인이 보기에도 거의 완벽해 보여요!

    • Cliff

      고마워요! 요즘 너무 바쁘니까 원하는 만큼 못 공부하지만 아직도 가끔씩 TTMIK 이용하고 있어요. 한국말이 정말 아름다운 언어라서 미래에 제가 유창하게 할 수 있으면 좋겠지요 🙂

  • amelia

    when does level 10 come out?

    • Seokjin Jin

      It will be published in the near future. Don’t worry. 🙂

    • Robin

      When is the near future ?… You wrote it 1 year ago.

    • Helena Blažková

      Was the level 10 canceled?

  • Shokoufe

    I want to know how do you say “you” , ” he / she ” and also ” I / me “. As I have found out , there are different ways to say ” I / me ” , but I don`t know all of them exactly …
    I would be thanked if you help me!

  • max

    How long need a average person to be ready for lesson 9 if he has no knowledge and start at Level 1 ? 🙂

    • Seokjin Jin

      If the person has no idea about Korean, then it is good to start from level 1. However, it is hard to know how long it will take. :S It is up to the person’s will. 🙂

  • Aaron

    Assuming that I don’t forget anything, and I perfectly understand every lesson up until this point, where can I expect my fluency level to be by the time I get here, only using TTMIK resources?

    • Jacko

      How are you going right now? I wanted to know this aswell and thought it’d be funny if you could reflect yourself and see how much you’ve learnt in the past 3 months if you did keep learning.

  • Carlos Delfín

    Hello! Can anyone help me translate the following to Korean please?
    “To me, Korea is the place I feel at home”
    Thank you!

    • Seokjin Jin

      To me, Korea is the place I feel at home
      > 저에게 한국은 집처럼 느껴지는 곳이에요.

    • Carlos Delfín

      Thank you!

  • Carlos Delfín

    안녕하세요 여러분!

    I am making a little short film about Korea, I need someone to help me record a little voice off in korean (I need female voice)
    Is very short text and very easy, if anyone can help me please let me know! I’ll be very grateful!


    • Seokjin Jin

      Oh, I hope you find someone soon. 🙂

    • Carlos Delfín

      Thank you 🙂

    • Carlos Delfín

      Seokjin! please help me convince someone from TTMIK! We’re running out of time!! I’m kinda desperate tho haha. Sorry.

  • Nikta

    안녕하세요 여러분.
    저에게 문제가 있어요 . 혹시 ” 변하다 “와 “바꾸다” 어떻게 다르지 알고 있나요?
    감사합니다 🙂

  • Blayanne Aina

    Does this website actually help? It looks helpful but I am not sure. Does it honestly help you learn how to speak korean? aha. I just, I want to use this website I’m just not sure. I’ve been trying to learn for a couple months now and there is nothing out there that really helps. Thank you 🙂

    • Anna

      Hi! In my opinion it is really good and it really did help me. I am not really fond of textbooks and I find learning with podcasts much more fun and I just love the teachers as well! I’m at level 6 right now and it definitely helps me while I try to use native content to learn from. All those ‘Aha! So this how it is!’ moments are priceless.
      TTMIK is probably the best place to start learning Korean! Good luck! 🙂 화이팅^^

  • Smiles

    I really want to know when level 10 is coming out; I am also wondering what some of these future things, that will be coming to the site?

  • 10일넘게 한번도 하지않았던 전화를 그녀가 먼저했으면, 너는 딱잘라 정리를 하는게아니라 ‘무슨일이 생겼구나’라고 눈치를 챘어야해. 1월하고 똑같은 상황이지만 이번엔 내가옆에있으니 다른결정을 하게됐어. 나도 동생으로서 널포기해야 내친구가 행복할꺼같아서 예의는 여기까지만 갖출께.

    Can someone translate this for me… It was sent to me by a friend who is learning English but I’m struggling to translate properly. Thanks^^

  • Yep

    Is this still in development? Lesson 10+, I mean.

  • Jean-Philippe Defrenne

    It took me exactly 2 years from level 1 to Level 9!! It feels so greeeeeat to be done.. My life is complete…정말 감사합니다!!!

  • Sergio

    Yay I’m finally done w/ Levels 8 and 9 after three years! I took a break after Level 7 for more than a year and a half to study using other resources haha. I finished just in time for going to Korea for the first time 🙂 I remember getting lured into studying Korean after listening to the first lesson on here three years ago. Now I know so much more, but yet there’s still a mountain of things to learn! 가르쳐 주셔서 감사합니다

  • TinaMusicFairy

    I am in level 8 now but it has been 2 years and level 10 is not published yet is it going to be published soon or what? please TTMIK 선생님 tell me that level 10 is coming pleaaaaaaaase.

  • 히다야툰니사

    제출하는 한이 있더라도.. – what is the meaning of 한 in this sentence?

  • Hannah

    Hello, when will level 10 be finished? Thank you!

  • Brooke gg

    im still on level 1, lessons 13, lol. I just came here to see how people who have gotten this far are doing.

    • HSK

      If you unblock your privacy settings so I can follow your comments here. I can correct your sentence some time to time. If you want.

  • 이상민

    안녕하세요 TTMIK! 와 드디어 lesson 1~9 다 마무리했네요… 한국어을 너무 잘 가르쳐서 진심으로 감사드닙니다. 수업마나 진짜 너무 배우기 편한 데다가 꽁자로 주셔서… YOU DA REAL MVPS…


  • Μεg

    안녕하세요 !
    I have a question : I’m finishing the level 1 and downloaded the files of all levels, from 1 to 9.
    Do you plan to make level 10 and more or not ?
    In your opinion, after learning level 9 how to conitnue the learning process ?
    감사합니다 ~

  • I am in level 1. When I finish the lvl 9 I will be intermediary or fluent? Or at least I will be able to understand naver webtoons? lol I study one lesson per day, and memorize all the korean words and meanings, watch dramas, shows, hear korean podcasts…
    Thanks god the teachers speak with easy words because i’m not fluent at english and I can understand all that’s said!

    • Blake Moffett

      I think you should be around the intermediate level, but fluency is kind of a misnomer. Really it depends what you mean by fluent.

      Anyways, I finished level 9 and am in the process of reviewing, and I still can’t understand naver webtoons a lot of the time. That kind of Korean seems to be a little different specialty area in a lot of cases.

      However that being said, my conversational skills have grown dramatically over the past 2.5 years of studying Korean, and living in Korea the past year and a half. Talk to me in Korean has been extraordinarily helpful for learning key grammar points, and I’ve been using TTMIK for a little over a year. The Iyagi section I have been slowly starting is great for developing vocabulary and listening skills too.

      Just don’t give up, and over time your skills will grow without a doubt.

  • Josh David Cruz

    is there any chance of making level 10 lessons?? pleaseeeeee..

  • Kam

    wait but where is level 10? There will be any level 10?