How to read and write Hangeul (Part 1)


Hello everyone! How are you doing? If you have been studying with us through Level 1, now it’s time to learn to read and write Hangeul! The reason that we didn’t start by introducing the Korean writing system from the beginning of Level 1 is because we believe that being able to understand and speak some Korean is more important than having to learn the Korean alphabet without knowing any expressions to use in real life. The video series consists of 5 videos, and in Part 1, we are introducing the letters, ㄱ, ㄴ, ㄷ, ㅁ, ㅇ, ㅏ, ㅗ, ㅜ, and ㅣ.

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How to read and write Hangeul (Part 1)
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  • fatemeh

    oh god that was pretty perfect.know that im watching for part three and more

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  • Mehdid Soumia

    i this part you said there are five videos !!! but i don’t know where to find other parts ….please help me it’s very urgent !!!!

  • Lucy

    annyeonhaseyo im lucy… im wondering about this lanugage how do you tell the difference sounds or letters when you make a converstation??

  • Tatiele Freitas

    I’m feel like a have a professor really near to me. Congratulations for the classes *-*

  • Marce

    Wow, that’s really helpful. I was confused first while I was looking at the symbols which didn’t make any sense to me at all. But now it’s become much easier. Gamsahapnida for making it understandable ^^

  • ramelle

    i’m very desperate to learn this language

  • Hello! Thank you so much! It’s so easy learn with you! I’m so happy that I found this site! Thank you!

  • Reihaneh

    How can I find the parts 3-4-5?

  • Elize

    whoah!.it helped me a lot!.by the way, can I ask where is the part 3-5 please!.gamsahamnida!.

  • Leo

    I have a question. If I want to spell my name which is Leo, would it be 러 or 리오?
    감사 합 니다. ^^

  • Edgar

    Hi there.
    Your videos are very helpful for beginners like me, I really wants to start to learn Korean language and you guys are the best.
    Thank you all.

    Hablo Español, si alguien necesita ayuda, solo necesitan escribirme, estaré encantado de poder ayudarles.
    Gracias a todos.

  • Aneta

    I love this! Thank you for making learning this language fun and easy! I love the jokes in these vids 😀

  • Vane

    hola hay videos con audio español

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    your program is really helpful. i really understand in detailed.

    thank you.

  • i will do my best to learn this..;))

  • Crystal

    Thank you for this lesson! This is a great help especially to those people who love kpop. 🙂

  • Crystal

    Thank you for this lesson! It’s really a great help. Looking forward to the other parts! 🙂

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    annyeong hasaeyo! im learning a bit ..its so amazing!

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    How to say… When I read that, when I read… That’s just perfect ! I don’t have to say anything… That’s pretty good 😀
    But ! … I’m sorry. But to be honest, that’s not great to learn Korean ! Just for some hangeul and learn some things ~ Just for fun. But… Actually, if I want to learn Korean, I’ve got a lots of questions and I can’t learn with that.
    And… Maybe, if you teach hangeul, you can show some hangeuls… With 3 letters. Like a + m + eo… Anyway, something like that… I don’t know !
    So… That’s very very very good to read. That’s clear, great. But not perfect at all ~ :S
    I’m sorry.

  • Jak

    Muito didático
    Tenho certeza que vou adorar *s2*


    this is great! thank you for the lesson. waiting for part 3 onward!! ^_^

  • PJ

    This is my first attempt at learning Korean. From all of the comments saying how good this website is, I feel like I have a very good chance of learning Korean! Thank you TalkToMeInKorean, hope you guys have more knowledge to offer!

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  • YSH

    Is there a way to download this video for when I want to watch offline?

    • Hi,
      There are many plug-ins in firefox so you can download one of them.
      Of course you will also learn how to use it.

  • Josh

    Are there going to be more videos to finish the alphabet? The first two are good but are more coming?

    Thank you.

  • Alice

    Omy!, im really happy that i found this page!!! ^_^ Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! LOL! Now i can start learning Korean
    Really Thank You !!

  • Anne

    the video is very helpful, I just wish I had a little more time to pronounce the letters after they’re shown during the test!
    Thanks a lot for your lessons!

  • Kitty

    i cant find the pdf file for part 1 and part 2

    • Hi Kitty,
      This post doesn’t include PDF file.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • annyeonghaseyo? i am maRiLyn,, i dONt knOw hOw tO write kOrEaN words riGHtLy

  • nasrul

    Thanks ! From Malaysia !

  • Christina

    Hi TTMIK!! I’m trying to learn Hangul by myself but I don’t see lessons 3,4, and 5. You said there will be 5 alphabet lessons. I really want to watch them so I can learn the rest of the alphabet. Gamsahapnida!!

    • Hi Christina,
      I am sorry Christina. The 3rd, and 4th videoes are not made. We have been spending so busy days to make other educational contents.
      However we are planing to make other form of the Hangeul education videoes.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • hi
    how can i download this????????
    감사 합 니다

    • This lesson doesn’t include attched file so you can’t download the video from this post. If you use Firefox, you can download a plugin which can download Youtube video, and then you can download it.

  • Haha, I love 진석진씨 being so cool on his motorcycle. “Oh… were you looking at… 미???” 😀

    The funny thing is I studied Korean informally for four years, and no one ever explained that you should put your tongue between both sets of teeth when forming the ㄷ and ㅁ sounds. Not sure if any of the books explain that or not, but that’s a strange gap! Thank you, as always. : )

    • Hi Kate,
      It is correct to put your tongue between both set of teeth when you say ㄷ, but we don’t do that when we say ㅁ. It is bilabial sound.
      Thanks for your comment!

  • Michala


    First of all, thank you so much for these lessons! Don’t know what I’d do without them!
    I can’t seem to find the PDF’s for these hangeul lessons. Can you direct me to them?

    Again, thank you for a great website!

    • I am sorry. We didn’t make PDF for this video lesson, and we are planning to make new version of “How to read and write Hangeul”.

      It is takind long time but I hope you to wait for it.