Level 1 Lesson 2 / Yes, No, What? / 네, 아니요, 네?

After listening to this lesson, when you are asked a YES/NO question, you will be able to answer that question with either YES or NO in Korean.

네. [ne] = Yes.
아니요. [aniyo] = No.

But in Korean, when people say “네”, it is not the same as saying “Yes.” in English. The same goes for “아니요” too. This is because the Korean “네” expresses your “agreement” to what the other person said. And “아니요” expresses your “disagreement” or “denial” to what the other person said.

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 1 Lesson 2 / Yes, No, What? / 네, 아니요, 네?
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  • You might be confused on how Americans vs how Koreans answer questions using Yes/No. Let’s take “You don’t like kpop?” as an example question…
    American: Yes – means he don’t like kpop.
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  • Chaz Sutherland

    In American & Canadian English (maybe even British & Australian), the equivalent of “네” as an agreement is “yeah”. It has universal uses in many of the same way you used “네” in the conversation examples.

    • j_m_h


      I was just watching on of the K romatic sitcoms on Viki, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, episode 5, and there is a scene that is a great example of 네 in its many forms. Seems a bit more flexible than “yeah” in English (in my experience at least).

      It shows up in a number of other scenes in this series too so if you like this type of show and want to get a native view of the 네 I recommend watching.

    • Chaz Sutherland

      Fair enough. I was mainly referring to the examples shown. In those cases ‘yeah’ could definitely be substituted… but then again, so could the word ‘dude’. At least back in the ’80’s 😀

    • 칼립소

      In Australia, yes means the same as in Korean.

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  • Kenneth

    Native Speakers: I understand 안니요; however, in older videos (Arilang’s Let’s Speak Korean, 1999 series) they use 안니오. I know they have the same meaning but why and when did the change happen?

  • Aziz chouchane

    Why the “ㅎ” in “좋” from “카피 좋아해요?” is not pronounced?

  • 칼립소

    In Australia ‘yes’ and ‘no’ mean the same thing as in Korea. I think the whole thing with disagreement and agreement is proper English and that the English ‘yes’ and ‘no’ that you were talking about that is different to Korean is American slang.

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