Level 2 Lesson 14 / too, also / -도 – Part 2

This is part 2 of our lesson on how to say “also” or “too” in Korean. In this lesson, we are introducing how to use -도 with verbs. In order to add -도 verbs, you need to change the verb into the noun form, -기, so listen in to find out both how to change a verb into the noun form and also how to use -도 with verbs after that.

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Level 2 Lesson 14 / too, also / -도 – Part 2
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  • leah mason

    A lesson on changing a verb into a noun should have come before this lesson. The meaning of a word changes completely when it becomes a noun instead of a verb. Its hard to fully understand how the meaning of a verb changes when it becomes a noun in this lesson. This makes it even more hard to understand how to properly use the noun in conjunction with -도, as well as the new, new meaning that the verb takes now that it has become a noun paired with also.

  • Duaa

    ✨ 예전에 그냥 한국어로 읽기 했는데 지금은 말하기도 해요 ~^^

  • Karla Ontiveros

    저는 스페인어 말도 해요.

    I feel like that is not right, but is it…?

    • Far Ah BenNai

      저는 스페인어 말기도 해요.

  • Melanie Schroder

    I have a doubt, if I want to say that I can speak english and I can speak a little bit of korean too, how should I write it?
    저는 영어를 말 할 수 있어요 그리고 조금 한국어를…? And then?
    I don’t know how to conjugate “할 수 있다” with -도.

    • Far Ah BenNai

      저는 영어를 말 할 수 있어요 그리고 한국어를 조금 할 수 있어요.

  • Nhoc Nhoc

    그는 보호자이에요. 운전기사도 이에요
    어제 우리는 노래했어요. 밥을 먹기도 했어요.
    저는 의사가 아니고 선생님도 아니예요.

  • Sugannah

    What is the difference between using서 and 책?

  • Far Ah BenNai

    어제 밥콘 먹었어요 고리고 콜라도 먹었어요.
    어제 밥콘 먹었어요 고리고 콜라 먹기도해요.