Level 2 Lesson 18 / to be good/poor at ~ / 잘 하다/못 하다

안녕하세요. What are some things that you are good at? And what are some things that you are not so good at?

Find out how to say that in Korean through this lesson and let us know what you are good or bad at, in Korean! Leave us comments and we will help you make your sentences more natural!

Thank you as always for studying with us! 감사합니다.

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Level 2 Lesson 18 / to be good/poor at ~ / 잘 하다/못 하다
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  • salsal

    저는 먹는것을 좋아해요. 그러지만 요리를잘 못 해요. 엉엉- I like to eat but i´m not good at cooking *crying*
    저는 요즘 자를 잘 못 했어요 그래서 잘공부할 수 없어요 – these days i´m not sleeping well so i can´t study well.
    ~could i use 잘 before 공부?
    저는 한국어를 잘 하고 싶어요. 열심히 공부할거에요!! – i want to be good at korean. I will study hard!!
    매년 여름는 가족하고 바다에 가요.그래서 저는아주 수영을 잘 해요- Every summer i go to the beach with my family. so i´m really good at swimming.
    *Please correct me
    And thank you for another great lesson !! Talk to me in korean 감사합니다!

    • Trinity

      안녕하세요 ^_^ I think your sentences are really good, there are just a couple of things I noticed:

      그러지만 —>그렇지만

      자를 잘 못 했어요 —> 잘 못 자요 (자다 is not a 하다 verb so you just place 잘 못 in front of the conjugated verb – or you could even turn 자다 into a noun and say: 자기를 잘 못 해요)

      And I think, but not 100% sure, that it is better to put 공부(를) 잘 할거예요
      공부할 거에요 —> 공부할 거예요

      I’m not an expert at all, so I may be wrong, but I think these were the only things. 잘 했어요!! 화이팅 ^_^

    • salsal

      oh thank you so much!! yeh with the 하다 verbs i have to use the 를/을 like i did with 자다 (but that one was wrong lol). I’m going to practice this lesson and try to make some more sentences
      and i have been writing 그러지만 in every lesson so thank you for poiting that out.

    • Trinity

      No worries! 화이팅 ^_^

  • Chess8Ko

    I’m not good at singing
    노래를 잘못 헤요
    My friend is good at swimming
    저 친구는 수영을 잘 해요
    I am bad at solving puzzles
    저는 퍼즐을 잘못 풀어요
    My handwritting is not good
    저는 글씨를 잘 못 써요
    I’m not good at writing
    저는 글을 잘 못 써요
    Are you good at eating spicy food?
    메운 것 잘 먹어요?

  • ryebun17

    제 친구 일본어 말을 잘 못 해요.
    My friend is not good at speaking Japanese.
    문을 잘 쎠요.
    I can write a text good.

    마자요? 😉

  • ryebun17

    제 자매가 프랑스어를 잘 공부해요, 그런데 수영을 진짜 잘 못 해요.
    My sister is good at studying french, but she’s really not good at swimming.

  • 클레어 쌤

    저는 한국어 글씨를 잘써요. 그렇지만 말하기를 잘 못해요 :/
    I am good at writing Korean but I am not so good at speaking.

    제 언니가 스페인어를 정말 잘해요.
    My older sister speaks Spanish very well.

    저는 다리는 것은 좋아해요 그런데 잘 못해요.
    I like running but I can’t do it well.

    수영은 거 좋아해요 그리고 정말 잘해요.
    I like swimming and I do it very well.

    저는 한국어 말을 잘 못해서 지금부토 열심히 공부할거예요.
    I am not good at speaking Korean so, from now I will study hard.

    Hi guys, I am out of practice and was a little confused by the lesson so please correct my sentences if you can 🙂

    • 조슈아

      In the 3rd sentence, you have running as 다리다 when it should be 달리다. There needs to be a space, in your sentences, between 잘/못 and your verbs. You may want to review your ‘는/은’ particles because I think I see a few mistakes. For example: in the 3rd sentence, you have both yourself, and the verb of running as your topic. I know this reply is 2 months after you wrote this, so you probably already know most of what I am saying (assuming you’ve kept at your studies). Regardless, I hope it helps!

  • Clara Galacho

    요리를 잘 해요
    댄스를 잘 못 해요
    노래를 못 해요
    한국어를 잘 못 해요 근데 공부하고 있어요

    • Pia Crdn

      저도 요리를 잘 하고 싶어요.
      노래를 전혀 못 해요. ㅋㅋㅋ!

  • Pia Crdn

    우리 오빠는 달리기를 잘 못 해요 그런데 그 사람이 수영을 수 있어요 그리고 글씨를 정말 잘 해요. 저기 그 사람을 진짜 사랑해.

    저는 영어랑 필리핀어를 정말 잘 해요 그렇지만 아직 한국어를 잘 못 해요. 안습이다… ☹︎☹︎☹︎

  • absolutely

    Can someone explain to me the part where they mention about being careful with the accent when you say 잘 못 하다? It is between 7:16-8:36 minute.. I have repeated it a few times but I still cannot get what they are saying :/

    • LiliCakes

      I was also very confused about this part too. It seems they were pronouncing it the same way???

    • Lexie

      it’s basically that with no space, it means that you specifically made a mistake doing something, but if you add a space, it just means you’re bad at doing something
      잘못해요 = i messed up
      잘 못해요 = i didn’t do well

    • Haru haru

      I see… So is it right to say that the difference will be more obvious in written than spoken? Or there’s a difference in pronunciation when spoken?

  • Yuki

    매운 거 잘 먹어요, 정말 좋아요.

  • dearbangtan

    매운 거 못 먹어요.

  • María Paz

    매운 거 조금 잘 먹어요. 2년 잔 매운 거 잘 못 먹었어요.

  • Catsy

    언어를 배우는 것을 잘 할 수 있지만, 말하는 것을 잘 못해요.

  • Lexie

    매운 거 잘 먹어요! 매운 거 너ㅓㅓㅓㅓ무 좋아해요

  • Ami Walker

    저는 잘 못 수학어요.
    네 시 오십 분

  • Amal

    저는 사진 찍기를 잘 해요.

  • 재씨

    저는 달리기를 잘 못 해요. 그렇지만 매일 달려요.
    I am not good at running. But I run everyday.


  • Cathal Dunne

    Some practice sentences
    농구를 잘 해요? Do you play basketball well?
    요리를 잘 해요 I cook well
    저는 한국어 잘 말해요 그런데 일본어를 잘 못 말해요 I speak Korean well, but I don’t speak Japanese well
    제 친구는 테니스를 잘 쳐요 My friend plays tennis well
    제 동생은 편지 잘 못 써요 My younger sister doesn’t write letters well

  • Skye

    Practice sentences 🙂
    저는 영어 잘 말해요. 그리고 한극어 배우다!
    I can speak English well. And I am learning Korean!
    요리를 잘 해요 그렌데 감치를 못 해요
    I can cook well but I can’t make kimchi
    제 누나는 수영 못 해요. 저도 수영 못 해요
    My older sister can’t swim. I too can’t swim
    (I’m not sure if there’s a way to say ‘either’, but would ‘too’ work as well?)

    Please somebody correct me if these are wrong, 감사합니다!

  • Waleska Salazar

    Practice sentences!
    저는 한글 읽을 못 해요 I can’t read Hangul
    저는 기타를 잘 치어요 I play guitar very well
    저는 일본어를 잘 못 해요 I’m not good at speaking Japanese

    • Dean Voets

      The first sentence is off I think. Reading is 읽다 so you need to make it into a verb with the -gi ending:
      저는 한글 읽기 못 해요
      But the sentence already has the noun 한글 so I think you can just say:
      저는 한글 못 읽어요

  • erika

    is this correct?
    geu-neun piano chi-reul-gi mot haessseoyo. geurode, jigeum geu chi-neun geo-reel jal haeyo?

  • aly.

    its my first time commenting and im hoping you could answer my question.id like toask whats the difference between “ 운전을 수 있어요” and “운전할 수 있어요” are they the same?

    • TFWarcry

      I’m not a natural speaker so I’m not sure if this is 100% correct, but from what I know the correct one is 운전할 수 있어요. This is because 운전 is the noun, 운전하다 is the verb, so 운전하다 becomes 운전할 수 있어요.
      Using 을 is when you’re [verb]ing the object (weird way to put it oops), for example: 책을 읽어요 – The 을 comes after 책 because that is the object. 읽다 is the verb.

  • Jonaye

    제 엄마는 퍼즐을 좋아해요. 그런데 잘 못 풀어요.

  • Jo-c C.

    Can I say this for “I am a bit good at cooking”? –> 저는 조금 요리 잘해요.

    • Jed Santiago

      I think this makes more sense, 저는 요리를 조금 잘해요.

  • Dean Voets

    Question: Is there a difference between these two sentences? (with mot meaning am unable to) Which one would you use?
    일본어 못 해요
    일본어 할 수 없어요

    • Kaiimeira

      The previous lesson does cover that. I think both are correct but 일본어 못 해요 is used more commonly

  • Amanda T

    잘 못춤춰요 그렇지만 진짜 잘 춤추고 싶어요.
    Does this make sense? How can I improve it?

  • Sara

    네 동생이 진짜 글을 잘 써요. My younger brother is a good writer.

  • Zeke Flint

    나는 트롬본 연주를 잘 해요. 그런데 한국어 말을 잘 못 해요. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 조슈아

    제 친구는 아무 수학을 잘 해요.
    My friend is very good at math.

    제 남동생은 별리 수학은 못 공부해요.
    My younger brother isn’t very good at studying math.

    노래를 잘 못 해요.
    I can’t sing well.