Level 2 Lesson 21 / more ~ than ~ / ~보다 더

In this lesson we are learning how to say that something is “bigger”, “nicer”, “more expensive” than something else. In Korean you use the word 더 [deo] to say this. Listen in to find out how to compare two things or people in Korean. Thanks for studying with us and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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Level 2 Lesson 21 / more ~ than ~ / ~보다 더
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  • mcsyndrome

    저는 올해는 적년보다 더 기뻐요.
    I’m happier this year than last year.

  • Chess8Ko

    Today is hotter than yesterday
    오늘은 어제보다 더워요
    English is more difficult than korean and french is more difficult than english
    영어는 한국어보다 어려워요 그리고 프랑스어는 영어보다 어려워요.
    I’m going to go earlier than yesterday
    어제보다 일찍 갈거예요
    Maria is better than me at doing this
    마리어씨 가 저보다 더 잘해요
    I like buying book more than reading them
    저는 책을 읽는것보다 사는 것을 더 촣아해요

  • Evrim 진화

    You’re welcome ☺️

  • Costanza Astore

    지금 곰부하다보다 제 남자친고는 정와는 갓 도 해고 십ㅂ어요.
    At the moment I’d prefer to call my boyfriend than to study.
    This is the first time I try to write a longer sentence… Any help will be so welcome!!!

  • ryebun17

    1. 박 지민오빠 저보다 예버요.
    2. 라면 불고기는보다 더 좋아해요.
    3. 여동생은 남동생보다 착해요.

    1. Park Jimin is prettier than me.
    2. I like Ramen more than Bulgogi.
    3. My younger sister is a nicer person than my younger brother.

    • fluffyunicorn

      1. 박지민오빠는 저보다 더 예뻐요.
      2. 저는 라면을 불고기보다 더 좋아해요.
      3. 내 여동생은 남동생보다 더 착해요.


  • favour

    no matter how much i learn i keep forgetting

  • 클레어 쌤

    저는 술 마시는 것보다 자는 것을 더 좋아해요.
    I like sleeping more than I like drinking alcohol.
    저는 고기를 먹는 것보다 두부 먹는 것을 더 좋아해요.
    I like eating tofu more than I like eating meat.
    저는 제 남자친구보다 더 착해요.
    I am better than my boyfriend.
    체 남자친구는 나보다 더 나빠요.
    My boyfriend is worse than me! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    TTMIK 1 레벨은 2 레벨보다 더 쉬워요.
    TTMIK level 1 is easier than level 2.
    마지막 수업은 이 수업보다 더 쉬웠어요.
    The last class was easier than this class.
    Please correct if you can 🙂

  • Sneaky15

    For me the last sample sentence is switched. I get annoyed when buying books because it takes too long before I can read them…. Lol.

  • 은솔

    경은 씨는 저보다 더 예뻐요~ㅠㅠ