Level 2 Lesson 5 / days in a week / 요일

In this Talk To Me In Korean lesson, we are introducing the Korean names for the 7 days in a week. It takes some effort to memorize and remember these names, but we hope that listening to this lesson will make it a bit easier for you to remember them. As always, please feel free to ask us any questions!

Talk to our friends (whose voices you heard in this lesson) in Korean!

Our friends featured in this lesson are:
우란 (http://twitter.com/rani_woo)
조미경 (http://twitter.com/mikyungcho)
조혜진 (http://twitter.com/nowhere06)

And also, don’t forget to write in the comment what you think 혜진 said in Korean and the translation at the end of the lesson. Thank you for studying with us.

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 2 Lesson 5 / days in a week / 요일
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  • mengshachen

    How many languages does Hyunwoo speak?

  • mcsyndrome

    일요일에 교회에 가요.
    I go to church on Sunday.

  • Rima Maram

    i am wondering if i should memorise the meaning of the days ??? are they chinese characters so they don’t use them or what ??

    • Sneaky15

      I think it would just be easier to remember the days of the week if you memorize the meanings. Not sure, but nobody else replied, so I felt like I should try.

  • Sneaky15

    There is a typo in the pdf! It says Saturady. Just letting you know. Lol

  • Chithra Murthy

    She said, I work from Monday to Sunday evening
    워요일부더 일요일 저녀 까지 일해요
    AAHHHH!!! 감사합니다! I didn’t even listen to it twice to understand what she was saying! I understood the first time itself!!!

    • li

      Omg, I’m so happy for you!!

  • li

    Omg, wait. The days of the week in Spanish is also the exact same way you say the days of the week in Tagalog/Filipino language. Lunes, Martes, Miyerkules, Huwebes, Biyernes, Sabado, Linggo.

    목요일하고 금요일 제일 좋아해요.
    Thursdays and Fridays are my favorite. (Because they’re my days off on work, haha.)

    • Nichole Marcela Rojas Chaverra

      Filipino has a lot of spanish language influences …. and yeap: Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado, Domingo 🙂 …

  • Brandon Cw

    일요일 편하게하다 좋아해요.

    • James

      I like being comfortable on a Sunday?

    • Brandon Cw

      “Relax” 말하고싶어요. 어떡해 말해요?

    • Esther Kim

      일요일은 편하게 쉬는걸 좋아해요.

  • Nichole Marcela Rojas Chaverra

    Planets and days of the week in japanese are really similar, and understanding japanese Kanji and their chinese lecture gives sense to many of those related words in korean!!! But I have a question: why do you use 이 in 금요일이었어요 in this sentence? 어제는 진짜 신나는 금요일이었어요 could it be just thus: 금요일었어요 ? Gracias!

    • Ivis Benavides

      It is 금요일이었어요 because the sentence is in the past tense. If you break it apart it is 금요일 + 이다 and the conjugation of 이다 in the past tense is either 이었어요 or 였어요. 이었어요 is used here because 금요일 ends in a consonant.

    • Nichole Marcela Rojas Chaverra


  • 린 Ai

    월요일부터 일요일까지 일해요
    I work from Monday to Sunday

  • 진아

    월요일부터 일요일 저녁 까지 일해요!

  • dearbangtan

    오늘은 토요일 이에요.

    • 알엑


  • Jelyn Villarin

    오늘은 수요일이예요.

  • Yvonne

    월요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요. I work from Monday until Tuesday afternoon. Yay I got the quiz right!
    월요일부터 금요일까지 학교에 가요. I go to school from Monday until Friday.

  • chere nicholas

    I just bought my tickets to go to Seoul in October! Now I really need to keep studying hard! 🙂

  • Chua Min Kuan

    조는 일요일 좋아요 🙂

    • Esther Kim

      저는 일요일이 좋아요. I = 저 unless you are trying to say Joe(조) likes Sunday

  • Gal Shteinberg

    오늘은 수요일 이에요- Today is Wednesday
    Am I right?

    • Esther Kim


  • Mochi

    오늘은 일요일 이에요.

  • Jim Awofadeju

    I work from Monday evening to Sunday evening.

    Is this the correct translation of the last Korean sentence or am I on the right track?

  • Eyal Gur

    Looking for a partner to study with, my kakaotalk ID is MightyEight
    Feel free to add me 🙂

  • ctdancer

    I work from Monday to Sunday night/evening.

  • took me a long while to figure it out .. woah

    I work from Monday to Sunday evening.

    • Bestrong

      월요일부터 일요일 저녁까지 일해요.

  • looking for a buddy!
    kakaotalk & line: mirisoko

    • Richa Gulati

      Ah! I need one too. Let’s catch up on kakaotalk?
      My id is Richa11294

  • Leandro Guianan

    안녕하세요 여러분!

    Please enlighten me here: 어제는 진짜 신나는 금요일이었ㅇ요.
    I need to know the derivation of 신나다 to 신나는.
    Will that be covered in the succeeding lessons? If yes, do you know which lesson?

    Whew! I’m going crazy over it. Haha.

    Hope you can help me!


    • Leandro Guianan

      This one too: 금요일이있어요.

    • Ivis Benavides

      They changed 신나다 into its adjective form. You can learn more about it in level 3 lesson 14.

  • Leandro Guianan

    Is this statement: 토요일 저녁에는 새로운 언어 공부를 시작해요, synonymous to: 토요일 저녁에는 새 언어를 공부할 거예요?

  • I know right? but no matter how difficult at the first, it’s very good listening practice!

  • Hi guys! I have an interpals account :sunshineart For those who may want to be study buddies 🙂

  • Mika9304

    Was just wondering if this sentence is correct:
    If I want to say : I go to school from Monday to Friday.

    • Rabia

      I think you will have to use a location marking particle so it would become: 저는 워요일부터 금요일까지 학교에 갈 거예요

  • katie:)

    looking for a study buddy! @katielynn_24 is my hellotalk username 🙂

  • mxc9219

    I heard From monday, I work until evening but I already checked out the comments… I guess it was too fast for me xD

  • Kenneth

    Thursday is easy to remember because 먹 reminds me of 먹다 and our big eating holiday (Thanksgiving) always falls on a Thursday.

  • 베스타

    화요일부터 금요일까지 한국에를 공부해요.

    Is this correct?

    • 키간


  • Mahala Faleulu

    일요일에 영화는 갈 봤어요 – On Sunday I am going to see a movie

    • 키간

      일요일에 영화를 볼 거예요.*

      The object marker is probably better here.

  • 조슈아

    매일 월요일에 너무 바뻐요.
    On every Monday, I am too busy.

    화요일에 거미를 죽였어요.
    On Tuesday I killed a spider.

    수요일에 슬퍼했어요.
    On Wednesday I grieved.

    목요일에 친구랑 먹어요.
    On Thursday I ate with some friends.

    금요일에 피아노 연주했어요.
    On Friday I played the piano.

    오늘은 토요일이에요.
    Today is Saturday.

    일요일에 교회에 갈 거예요.
    On Sunday I will go to church.