Level 2 Lesson 6 / but, however / 그렇지만, 그런데

In this TalkToMeInKorean lesson, we are introducing two more conjunctive words, 그렇지만 [geu-reo-chi-man] and 그런데 [geu-reon-de]. 그렇지만 and 그런데 both mean “but” but 그런데 has a wider range of meanings. Listen in to find out what these two words mean and how they are used!

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Talk To Me In Korean – Level 2 Lesson 6 by TalkToMeInKorean

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Level 2 Lesson 6 / but, however / 그렇지만, 그런데
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  • Suga Swag

    졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험이에요. (I’m sleepy and I want to sleep. But I have a test tomorrow.)

    It took me a while to get what she said. I did understand it in the first lesson, but everything I heard wasn’t clear. I really like these quizzes~


  • Identification

    I met so many times expression in past like 일요일이었어요 . In present “Isso-yo” has to transform intro “isso-sso-yo”. Why is it o-sso-yo? not i-sso-sso-yo?

    • arti

      You are being confused with the words, 이다 and 있다.

      Present tense of 있다 (to have) = 있어요
      Past tense of 있다 (to have) = 있어서요.

      Present tense of 이다 (to be) = 예요/이에요.
      Past tense of 이다 (to be) = 이었어요.

    • Nana Atmaja

      I think Past tenses of 있다 = 있었어요

  • Justin

    I almost understood all of the quiz sentences, but I got lost in the middle of the second sentence. Does anyone have any tips or techniques to improve listening comprehension? Thank you!

  • Harvey Rivas Potot

    퀴즈: 졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일이 시험이에요.
    만든 예문: 오늘 한국말을 많이 공부하고 싶어요. 그런데 눈이랑 머리가 진짜 아파요. 어떡해야 하죠? ㅋㅋ

  • Maria

    배고파요. 그런대 음식 없어요. (I’m hungry, but there’s no food.)


  • Minhi Winkempleck

    저는 친구가 없어요. 그런데 고양이를 있어요. >^.^<

    • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도.

    • Kenny Lau

      고양이를 있어요 > 고양이가 있어요

      있어요 actually just means “to exist”.

      (저는) 고양이가 있어요 literally means “talking about me, a cat exists” which actually means “I have a cat”, but “a cat” is not the object of the sentence.

  • Justin

    안녕하세요! I completed this lesson some time ago and have been trying to incorporate 그런데 into my writing practice. However, when I send my Korean paragraphs to my Korean friend for feedback she always changes it to 하지만. What is the difference between 그런데 and 하지만?

    • Christian N. Paulsingh

      they mentioned in the pdf for this lesson that in speaking 그런데 is more common however in written language 하지만 is the preferred one.

  • 피자 요리고 싶어요. 그런데 치즈 없어요. (I want to cook pizza, but I don’t have cheese.)
    친구랑 같이 영화 봤어요. 그렇지만 무서워요. (I saw a movie with a friend, but it was scary.)

    감사합니다! Trying to memorize all the conjuctive words are a little confusing, but I’m trying!

    • Kenny Lau

      요리 is the noun, 요리하다 is the verb.

      요리고 싶어요 >> 요리하고 싶어요

      Other than that, the sentences are perfect.

  • Marc

    Sorry but these sample sentences are annoying. I drink too much and I want late to bed but I feel fine? Sounds so typical student like behaviour, and then bragging about it. And last time we had people saying they fell asleep in the class room… Give me a break!

    • 이케이트

      Maybe it sounds like “typical student behavior” because they are students. I think you can be annoyed but I don’t find these sentences out of the ordinary. The lessons are geared towards college/university aged students so it is going to be a little biased with content.

    • Marc

      Okay. I will look for another information source.

  • Annelise Aloia

    방탄소년단 좋아요. 그렇지만 KCON NY 가지 않았어요. 🙁

  • Semitic akuma

    she’s tired but tomorrow is her exam
    couldn’t write it coz i didn’t know how to spell the new 2 words

  • Kenza

    Guys , i’m listening to the podcast right now and there’s something confusing me .
    Why did you guys say : 어제 학교에 갔어요. 그렇지만 일요일이었어요. and not : 어제 학교에 갔어요. 그렇지만 일요일있었어요 ? ?

    • Kenny Lau

      이었어요 is the past tense of 이에요.

    • honestlyidk

      I didn’t understand that part either so thank you for sharing that information. it’s reaööy good to know. (:

  • Kenza

    철요서 차고싶어요 .그래서 네일이 시홈이에요 .
    I want to sleep , but tomorrow is an exam .

    I hope i spelled it right .
    Thank you guys so much . .

    • Kenny Lau

      철요서 차고싶어요 > 절려서 자고 싶어요

      ㅈ at the beginning of words is pronounced as a ㅊ with the next syllable being low-pitched.

      That’s why the first syllable of 친구 is always pronounced high-pitched, to avoid confusion with a hypothetical word *진구.

      시홈 > 시험

  • ㄹㄱㄷ

    절려서 자고 싶어요 . 기런데 내일이 시홈이에요 ..
    i want to sleep because i am sleepy . but i have exam tomorrow .

    It is too late to leave a comment here 그렇지만 as we say in arabic ” arriving late more better than not arrive ” .

    • Kenny Lau

      기런데 > 그런데
      시홈 > 시험

      Since you have learnt the causative form (-서) already, why not learn the contrasting form as well?

      >> 절려서 자고 싶은데 내일이 시험이에요 ..

      나빠 is already conjugated, so it is wrong to say 나빠예요.

      아랍어 means the Arabic language, so 아랍어 사람 would mean…

      아랍어 사람 >> 아랍 사람

    • Bianca Lima

      the correct spelling is 졸리다, so it would be 졸려서 ^^

    • Seokjin Jin

      You are right!


    Hellooooo !!! 🙂

    The quiz’s answer : 줄려서 자고 싶어요 그런데 내일 시험이에요
    I am in the same state but with a little difference : 줄려서 자고 싶어요 그런데 한국어 공부하고 싶어요 😉 그리그 내일 학교 있어요 ㅜㅜ (if it’s correct lol)

    Bye bye~~

  • اسماء

    She said I’m sleepy/I want to sleep but tomorrow is an exam day or she has an exam idk let me try..

    조리어서 저고 싶어요 그런데 네일이 시험이예요

    Is it correct?

  • Trinh Pham

    졸려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일이 시험이에요. / It’s so sleepy so I just wanna sleep. But I have exam tomorrow.

  • 하늘

    그렇지만… 현우씨, 나는 너의 팬이에요~
    *cringe* I tried

    • Seokjin Jin

      In formal form, you can say “저는 현우 씨의 팬이에요.”. 🙂

  • nin

    졸리서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험이에요. I understood a bit more of it and I understood the meaning, but I had to read the comments to get the grammar TT
    어제 밤이 많이 잤어요. 그렇지만 이미 졸리에요. Is it necessary the 이 after 밤? And if not, is it incorrect?
    돈이 있어요. 그런데 저거 정말 비써요. 그리고 이거 샀어요. 그래서 집에 갈 거예요. Probably an annoying sentence kkkkk but I wanted to try using all of them.
    토요일 밤에 XX오빠하고 영화를 볼 거예요. 그렇지만 애인이에요. 친구예요.

  • Angela Harris

    줄렸어 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일이 시험이에요.

  • Lydia
  • Rebecca Santos

    I heard ” I am sleepy. But I have to take a test”

  • Fiona Clark

    In the first sample sentence by friends you say that 음 is to drink. I thought 마시다 meant to drink?

  • Álvaro Albuquerque

    Is there any diference between saying “저는 매일 운동을 해요.” and “저는 매일 운동해요.” ?

    • howshhh

      It’s the same. Both are fine and frequently used.

  • Konachan

    Would this be correct?
    카페 가고 싶어요 그렇지만 공차 가고싶어요.
    I was trying to say I want to go to the Cafe, but I also want to go to Gong Cha.

    • Oreo4Life

      커피숍에 가고 싶어요, 그렇지만 공차도 가고 싶어요

  • Sadaf

    절려서 자고십어 요 그런데 내일이 시영이 에 요.
    I’m feeling sleepy but I can’t sleep because I have a test tomorrow.

  • Oreo4Life

    절려서…그렇지만 안 자고 싶어요…
    지금은 한국어 공부해요, 그런데 나중에 영화 보고 싶어요…

  • TJB

    선생님과 수영장에 가고 싶지 않아요. 그런데 극장에 영화를 보고 싶어요. (I don’t want to go to the swimming pool with you. But I want to go to the theater to see a movie.)
    어제 이 차를 샀어요. 그렇지만 비쌌어요. (I bought this car yesterday. But it was expensive.)

    정말 감사합니다.

  • miau

    피곤해요.그렇지만 자는 진싸 공부해야 한다.
    i´m tired but i really have to study. is this correct?

  • Miyeon Yang

    절려서 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험해요.

  • Jace Hale

    Excuse me but I learned this lesson a week ago and then discussed it with my korean pen pal. He told me that he doesn’t even think the word ‘그런데’ exists… I was just wondering if you could tell me something about that…