Level 2 Lesson 6 / but, however / 그렇지만, 그런데

In this TalkToMeInKorean lesson, we are introducing two more conjunctive words, 그렇지만 [geu-reo-chi-man] and 그런데 [geu-reon-de]. 그렇지만 and 그런데 both mean “but” but 그런데 has a wider range of meanings. Listen in to find out what these two words mean and how they are used!

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Talk To Me In Korean – Level 2 Lesson 6 by TalkToMeInKorean

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Level 2 Lesson 6 / but, however / 그렇지만, 그런데
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  • Alice Star

    You have fans, Hyunwoo!

  • Maureen Pavlik

    졸렸어 자고 십어요. 그런데 내일이 시험이에요. I felt sleepy and I want to sleep, but I have a test tomorrow.
    Did I get it right? Is the first part past tense? 졸렸어?

    저는 졸려요. 그런데 엄마랑 스카잎 하고십어요. I’m sleepy but I want to Skype with my mom.

  • jungkook’s cute chin mole

    졸려저 가고싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험예요.
    I want to go to sleep. But there’s a test tomorrow.

  • jungkook’s cute chin mole

    졸렸어 자고 싶어요. 그런데 내일 시험예요.
    I am sleepy. I want to sleep. But there’s a test tomorrow

  • Chess8Ko

    I’m tired but I want to see a movie
    피곤해요 그런데 영화 보고싶어요
    피곤해요. 그렇지만 영화 보고 싶어요
    I bought this yesterday butand it’s big
    이거 어제 샀어요 그런데그렇지만 정말 커요
    I went to school yesterday but it was sunday
    어제 학교 갔어요 그렇지만 일요일 있어요
    I drank way too much yesterday, but I’m okay now
    어제 과음 했어요 그렇지만 이제 말짱해요
    I went to bed late last night but I’m not tired at all
    어제 밤 늦게 잤어요 그런데 전혀 피곤하지 않아요
    I work out every day but I don’t lose any weight
    매일 은동을 해요 그런데 살이 빠지지 않아요
    Until yestersday we were just friends, but from today we are dating each other
    어제 까지는 친구 였어요 그런데 오늘부터는 애인 이에요
    I don’t have friends but I’m not a loner
    저는 친구 없어요 그런데 왕따는 아니에요

    secret question was
    I’m sleepy I want to go to bed, but tomorrow there is …?

  • ryebun17

    저는 라면 먹고 싶어요, 그런데 살이 빠지고 싶어요, 그래서 안먹어요.
    If something is wrong please correct me 🙂

    • mcsyndrome

      The ramen struggle is real 🙂

  • ryebun17

    1. 어제 친구 만나고 싶어요. 그런데 오지 않았어요. 그래서 영화를 혼자 봤어요
    2. 오늘은 아까 라면 목었어요, 그런데 진짜 맛있었어요. 매일 목고 싶어요.
    3. 오늘은 친구랑 같이 수영장 가고 싶어요, 그런데 비가 와요 지금.

    1. I wanted to meet a friend yesterday, but he didn’t come, so I watched a movie alone.
    2. I ate ramen earlier today, and it tasted really good. I want to eat it everyday!
    3. I want to go to the swimming pool today, but it’s raining right now.

    • mcsyndrome

      Great sentences! Just my (amateur) two cents:
      1. Since this is in past tense, 만나고 싶어요 should be 만나고 싶었어요.
      2. to eat is 먹다 , not 목다.
      3. I think 지금 should come near the beginning of the phrase, as in 그런데 지금 비가 와요.

  • mcsyndrome

    한곡에 가고 싶어요. 그렇지만 돈이 없어요.
    I want to go to Korea, but I have no money.

    • Anna


  • Lexie

    졸었어 자고싶어요. 그런데 내일이 시험이에요.

  • 정미송

    I work out everyday but I don’t lose any weight … dab on it!! :v xD

  • Kevin Chen

    I’m sleepy and I wanna sleep but i have a test tomorrow.

  • Niam, my bae

    In one of the sample sentences, they say 그런데 살이 빠지지 않아요. Why is there a double 지 in 빠지지?
    Thanks in adv..

    • Alexia

      It is because the phrase is “살이 빠지다” but to make it negative you have to add the ending “지 않아요”. Therefore when you want to say “to not lose weight” you have to add the ending and make it “살이 빠지지 않아요” 🙂 I hope that helps