Level 2 Lesson 7 / “to” someone, “from” someone / 한테, 한테서

안녕하세요! ^_^In this lesson, let us learn how to say ‘to’ someone, and ‘from’ someone. To say “to someone” or “from someone”, you can use the words 한테 [han-te] and 한테서 [han-te-seo]. Listen in and learn how to use these words in the right context.

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Level 2 Lesson 7 / “to” someone, “from” someone / 한테, 한테서
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  • Malena

    Soy despreciado por mi hermana, si no me equivoco…

  • Kanza Amanda

    동새안테 혼났어요. I was scolded by my younger sibling.

  • Ami Jong Hyun

    친구한테서 선물 왔어요 ^_^ ( i got a gift from my friend )
    어제는 친구한테 음식을 만들었어요 ( Yesterday i made food to my friend )

  • Ami Jong Hyun

    석진씨 said : i scalded from my brother 맞아요?

  • Ryan

    동생한테 혼났어요
    I got scolded by my younger sibling.
    친구한테서 한국어 배웠어요
    I learned korean from my friend.

  • Ian Victor B. Gabon


    Past tense?I know that when you make a verb in future tense you use 을/ㄹ 거예요. Maybe I will learn this rule in futre lessons.

    그건 전 남자친구한테서 받은 거예요.
    That one? I received it from my ex-boyfriend.


  • ikonic –

    i don’t understand how it enters the sentence tho :/

  • Bibiana Souza

    I got scolded by my younger sibling

  • Bibiana Souza

    I often find the sample phrases from other people hard to understand, they speak so fast. I can only understand seokjin’s phrases because they are slower. Am I lacking something or is it like this at the beginning?

  • 동생한테 혼났어요 = I was scolded by my younger sister

  • Chess8Ko

    to me, from me
    저 한테
    to a friend, from a friend
    친구 한테
    to whom, from whom
    누구 한테
    from me
    저 한테서
    from a friend
    친구 한테서
    from whom
    누구 한테서
    I got dumped by my boyfriend
    저는 남자친구한테 차였어요
    Your armpit smell is terrible
    너한테서 풍기는 암내가 진국이에요
    Do I have a strong armpit smell?
    저 한테 암내 나요?
    That one ? I recieved it from my ex boyfriend
    그건? 그거 만 남자 친구한테서 받은거예요
    you won’t be getting much out of him
    그 남자한테서 얻을 건 별로 없을 거예요
    I have something to say to you
    너한테 할말이 있어요

  • Carol Rozumalski

    How do you choose between 한테 and 한테서 if they both can mean “from someone”? Are they used in different situations?

  • ryebun17

    1. 친구한테서 고야이 받았어요.
    2. 어제 저는 친구한테 맞았어요.

    1. I received a cat from my friend.
    2. I was beaten up by my friend.

    • salsal

      wow you have intersting friends ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Sneaky15

      Yea… Lol. Same one?

  • Akansha

    I scolded my younger sibling

  • may

    1- 저는… 친구들한테서 차였어요 그런데 사실은 그 친구들 항상 좋아지 않았어요 그래서 저는 지금 괜찮아요
    2- 남자친구는 선물 받았어요 누구한테서 ? 우리 엄마한테서

    1- I got dumped by my friends but actually i always didn’t like them so i’m fine
    2- my boyfriend reserved a gift from who? from my mom

    correct me (:

    • Ami Jong Hyun


    • KlangPX

      2.남자친구는 선물을 누구한테서 받았어요? 우리 엄마 한테서
      a sentense should always end on a adjective or a verb in the SOV form
      so instead of 받았어요 누구한테서 it would be 누구한테서 받았어요

    • may

      데 맞아요 감사합니다 !

  • Shirley

    남자친구한테 차였어요.

    why does it end on 였어요? wouldn’t it end 었어요on because the base form ends in 이다. Based on Lesson LEVEL 1 LESSON 17. I would appreciate help here. Thank you.

    • mcsyndrome

      It’s not the past tense; it’s the conjugated form of the passive voice, which as they explain in the recording, will be introduced in a future lesson.

    • Chris Vo

      it IS the past tense, because the sentence is “i got dumped by my boyfriend”. its just said like that because its supposed to be 차이었어요 but they just merge them together, like a liason. if you say ^ that fast, it comes out to be 차였어요.

  • mcsyndrome

    제 생일이에요. 그런데 친구한테서 선물을 받지 않았어요.
    It’s my birthday, but I didn’t get any presents from my friends.
    (생일 = birthday, 선물 = present, 받다 = to receive)

    • Jose Gutierrez

      I think the final part is correct but the beginning is not, 제=My 생일=Birthday but you needed to add 오늘= Today with a subject particle to let people know that you are talking about today because you wrote “My is my birthday” instead it should be “오늘은 제 생일이에요.” Here i stated that “Today is my Birthday”

    • mcsyndrome

      That does make it clearer. Thanks!

  • Marko

    What is “할” in 너한테 할 말이 있어 for?
    I know that comes from the verb 하다 but still don’t get what is it’s function in this context :c

    • Ivis Benavides

      I’m just learning as well but i’m pretty sure 할 is the adjective form of 하다 conjugated into the future tense. so 할 modifies 말 making it mean “words that will be said”

  • Lexie

    동생한테 혼났어요 or i was scolded by my younger sibling? or they had to scold their sibling?

  • MadChil

    물을 사장남한테 얻있어요.

  • 카린

    덩생한테 혼았어요.
    I was scolded by my younger sibling.

  • Pia Crdn

    여자친구한테 안 차이고 싶어요
    Not sure if I’m doing this right but I mean to say “I don’t want to be dumped by my girlfriend”. Any corrections are most welcome!

  • Aili Estrada

    he said scolded by my sibling??

  • Niam, my bae

    Can someone kindly explain this to me. In one of the sample sentences, they say 받은 거예요 and translated as ‘received it from my boyfriend’ when (from what I understand) 거예요 is future tense?