Level 3 Lesson 10 / Before -ing / -기 전에

In this lesson, we are looking at how to say “before doing something” or “before you do something” in Korean. The basic expression you need to learn first is “전에” which means “before”. Find out how to use it naturally in Korean sentences by listening to the audio lesson!

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Level 3 Lesson 10 / Before -ing / -기 전에
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  • Toni-ann Thompson

    저는 공부하기 전에 먹어야 돼요.
    I have to eat before I study.

  • 저 사람이 식당에 오기 전에 울은 것 같아요.
    I think that person cried before coming to the restaurant

  • Miskyo Chan

    저눈 학교에서 가기 잔에 공부하요.
    Before I go to school, I study .