Level 3 Lesson 11 / ㅂ irregular / ㅂ 불규칙

안녕하세요! Welcome back to TalkToMeInKorean.com! You have learned A LOT about verbs so far! You can now conjugate Korean verbs into many different forms! Great job so far everyone, and today we would like to introduce an exception in the Korean verb rules, which is called the “ㅂ irregular”. Well, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Listen in to find out more!

Thank you for studying with us!

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Level 3 Lesson 11 / ㅂ irregular / ㅂ 불규칙
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  • Trinity Pate


    TTMIK에서 공부하기 전에 한국어 너무 어려웠어요 – Before studying at Talk To Me In Korean, Korean was too difficult.
    그래서 지금은 전에보다 쉬워요 – Therefore it is easier now than before
    오늘은 정말 더워서 3시간에쯤 누웠어요 – Today it was really hot so I lay down for about three hours

  • Ha Lam

    한국어 음식 정말 매워요
    Korean food is very spicy.

  • Chess8Ko

    This problem is difficult
    이 문제가 어려워요
    this is so cute
    이거 너무 귀여워요
    In Seoul, it’s really cold in winter
    서울은 겨울에 너무 추워요
    If you study at TTMIK, studying korean is easy
    TTMIK에서 공부 하면, 한국어 공부가 쉬워요

  • ryebun17

    1. 오늘은 날씨가 정말 추워요.
    2. 먹요일 진짜 덥을 거예요.
    3. 어제 제 아버지 생일 있어서 케이크 구웠어요.
    4. 경은 언니 너무 아름다워요.
    5. 개 고치지 마세요! 씨워요.

    1. Today the weather is really cold.
    2. Thursday it‘s going to be really hot.
    3. Today was my father‘s birthday so I was baking a cake.
    4. Kyeongeun is very beautiful.
    5. Don‘t touch the dog. He bites.

    (Please correct if wrong :))

  • ryebun17

    1. 진짜 스위스에 살고 싶어요? 겨울에 너무 추운 것 같아요.
    2. 주말 도 일해서 침대위에 밖에 눕고 안 싶어고 자고 싶어요. 지금.
    3. 오늘 숙제 쉬워요? 그럼 도와 주세요.

    1. Do you really want to live in Switzerland? I think it‘s really cold in the winter.
    2. I worked on the weekend as well I just want to lie down on my bed right now and sleep.
    3. Is your homework easy? If so, please help me.

  • Pat

    이 김치찌개는 진짜 매워요.
    열심히 공부하면, 한국어 공부가 쉬워요.

  • 조슈아

    굽고 있는 미워요.
    I hate baking.

    Now in this sentence, with the ‘ㅂ’ irregular, should I remove it and make it into ,구우고?
    They only talked about it being different with tense conjugations really, so should I just assume it is strictly for tense conjugations and that the above example sentence is correct?