Level 3 Lesson 16 / Let’s / -아/어/여요 (청유형)

안녕하세요!In this lesson, let’s look at how to say “let’s” in Korean! There are many different ways to say this, but let’s look at the most common and neutral way to say it, as well as how you are NOT supposed to say it. 감사합니다.

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Level 3 Lesson 16 / Let’s / -아/어/여요 (청유형)
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  • E En Ye

    What is the last sentence saying? Saying if Barbie comes to Korean, then do what together?

    • Ivis Benavides

      I’m not that great at listening but I think she says: Barbie 씨 한국에 오면, 현우 씨 버리고 저희 둘이 가요. 저희 둘이만 같이 가요. which would translate to something like “If you come to Korea, Let’s ditch 현우 and go together. Only the two of us.” She didn’t mention what though so i’m guessing it was referring back to the beginning where 현우 mentioned 경운 would buy her food.

  • 조슈아

    이 요요를 안 좋아해서 우리 다른 요요를 사요.
    I don’t like this yo-yo so let’s buy a different one.

  • Yuki

    이 과자 맛있어 보이는데 같이 먹어요 (This snacks looks delicious let’s eat it together)
    여기…이것은 안 좋아해요, 다른 데 가요 (Here.. I don’t like it, let’s go somewhere else)
    엄마! 머리 아파서 배도 아파요 병원에 가요 (Mom my head and stomach hurts let’s go to the hospital)
    이 영화를 너~~~~~~무 무서워 그래서 같이 봐요 (This movie is scary so let’s watch it together)
    살이 쪘구나 자 운동해요 (You gained weight come on let’s exercise)

    제가 만약 실수를 했다면 알려 주세요^^

    • Ivis Benavides

      머리 아파서 배도 아파요 병원에 가요 –> 머리와 배가 아파서 병원에 가요
      You should probably add some periods like 아파요 ends the sentence.
      이 영화를 너~~~~~~무 무서워 그래서 같이 봐요 –> 이 영화를 너~~~~~~무 무서워(요). 그래서 같이 봐요

    • Gamja

      another way to say that is
      머리도 배도 아파서 병원에 가요

      를 doesn’t belong with 영화
      The sentence apart from that is fine, but don’t say 무서워서 같이 봐요. It should be
      무서우니까 if you wanna write that shorter.

  • ryebun17

    1. 소식을 많이 있는데, 노래방에서 노래볼라 봐요.
    2. 오늘부터 맨날 헬스장에 가요.
    3. 춤주해요!

    1. You have a lot of talent, so try to sing at the Norebang.
    2. From today on let’s go to the gym everyday.
    3. Let’s dance!

    • Ivis Benavides

      소식을 많이 있는데, 노래방에서 노래볼라 봐요 –> 재능이 많은데, 노래방에서 노래 불러 봐요
      As far as I know 소식 means ‘news’ so ‘소식이 많이 있는데’ would mean ‘there is a lot of news’ (note that you have to use 이/가 with 있다). I found ‘재능’ on naver dictionary so i’m not sure if that’s the most common word to use.