Level 3 Lesson 18 / nothing but, only / 밖에 + 부정형


안녕하세요! Welcome to Level 3 Lesson 18! In this lesson, we look at how to say “nothing but” or “only” in Korean. We learned the expression -만 [-man] which means “only” too in a previous lesson, but in this lesson we look at an expression more commonly used to mean “nothing but” in Korean.

Thank you for studying with us, as always, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave us comments!

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Level 3 Lesson 18 / nothing but, only / 밖에 + 부정형
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  • britt

    Can you use 밖에, or 만 for that matter, in conjunction with 위해서? For example:
    공부를 위해서밖에 시간이 없을 것 같아요.
    공부를 위해서만 시간이 있을 것 같아요.

  • jee

    on the last sample sentence, why isn’t there an adjective particle? like 왜 공부’하는’ 밖에 안 해요? is it because 공부 is used as a noun, not an adjective?

  • 감사합니다

  • Malori Green

    우리 엄마는 개밖에 안 좋아해요.
    저는 학교밖에 안 가요.
    DramaFever에서 저는 런닝맨밖에 안 봐요.

  • 야신

    제 친구는 축구밖에 안 놀아요. (My friend plays only soccer/football).
    탁자 위에 빵밖에 없어요. (There is only bread on the table).

  • اسماء

    저는 한국어 저녁에 공부 밖에 안 해요.. Is it correct? Can I say 저는 한국어 저녁만 공부해요.?
    I want to ask why didn’t we use the way we leaned in level 2 which is making verbs into nouns like 보기만 해요?

  • 이 식당이 샌드위치 밖에 없어요. = This restaurant only has sandwiches.
    우리 학교는 휴게실 한 개 밖에 없어요. = Our school only has one student lounge.
    어머니께 콜라 밖에 안 드셔요. = My mother only drinks cola.
    *왜 요즘 눈 밖에 안 와요? = Why does it only snow lately?
    *not sure if that one is right

  • McKenzie Rodwell

    우리 기숙사는 일 세탁 방 한 개 일밖에 없어요. Our dorm only has one working laundry room.
    저는 춤 밖에 안 해요. i only dance
    please correct me if i’m wrong

  • 楊玉嬿

    In Chinese, we sometimes say “我有的是時間”. In Korean, is it correct to say “시간 밖에 없어요.”?

  • 이상민

    저는 영어랑 프랑스를 잘 할수있는데, 한국어는 저금 밖에 못해요. i can speak english and french well, but i can only speak a little korean.
    제 친구들 중에 한국인 친구가 1명 밖에 없는 것 가타요. among my friends i think i only have one korean friend.

  • Sequoia

    왜 이 책 밖에 안 빌렸어요?= Why did you only borrow this book?
    어젯밤은 너 술 밖에 안 마셨잖아요= You know, last night you did nothing but drink alcohol.
    우리 언니는 콜라 밖에 안 미실 것 같아요.= I think my sister will drink nothing but Cola.

  • A.L.

    이본 주 한국어 밖에 공부 안 해요.

  • Trinity Pate

    너무 감사합니다!! 이 수업 너무 좋았어요!!

    이거 좋은 생각 밖에 안 해요 – Only this is a good idea
    소파 위에 밖에 안 잘 거예요 – I shall only sleep on the Sofa
    오늘 밤에 아주 바빠서 이 숙제 밖에 안 할게요 – Since I’m quite busy tonight, I will only do this homework (if you don’t object)


    • Chris

      바뻐서* I think 😉

    • Trinity

      Ah thanks for checking my sentences!! I thought it was actually 바빠서, but I may be wrong!?

    • Duaa

      humm I think 바빠서 is not wrong.. which means : I’mheshe.. busy SO……

    • Gamja

      이게 좋은 생각이에요
      Second one is awkward to say in korean
      오늘 밥에 아주 바빠서 숙제만 할 거예요

  • Ha Lam

    우리 여동생들이 만화책 밖에 안 읽어요.
    My younger sisters read nothing but comic

    • HSK

      내 동생들은 만화책 밖에 안 읽어요.

    • Ha Lam

      I think using “우리” will be better. Because… um, could you repeat this lesson and find out the answer in the end of lesson? 😀

    • HSK

      너는 왜 공부밖에 안 하니? is the answer.
      It’s very subtle difference but, In your sentence 내 is little bit better than 우리 to make it sound natural. at least for me, you can still use 우리 though.

    • Ha Lam

      Ah…I see. So I will be more careful when using 내 and 우리 in the future
      정말 고마 워요! 😀

  • bangtan is damn

    저는 한국의 드라마들을 밖에 안 봐요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ami Jong Hyun

    한국어 공부를 밖에 없어요

    • Gamja

      That actually means you have nothing in your life except Korean study
      I think you mean 한국어 공부 밖에 안 해요

    • Ami Jong Hyun

      no i mean .. i don’t have any thing to study except Korean

    • Gamja

      Ah I see. You can’t use A를 없어요
      It’s 이 or 가 🙂

      Oh as in, you don’t have anything you study except Korean ?
      한국어만 공부해야돼요 I only have to study Korean

      한국어 밖에 공부할 것이 없어요 I don’t have anything to study except Korean
      (Awkward sentence though. First is much better )

    • Ami Jong Hyun

      woooow thank you <3

  • SpaceBanana

    A 20 minutes lesson ??? o_O OK lemme look at the PDF lol

  • ryebun17

    Can you use 밖에 with – 지 않아요 as well?

    • 조슈아

      Do you mean as a replacement for 안?
      If so, I am pretty sure that would work as you are making the verb into a negative verb. But I am learning just as much as you are (probably less) so you may want a different opinion. But to me, that makes sense.

    • ryebun17

      Ok thank you:)

  • li

    [Insert Hyorin singing on the background.]
    너 밖에 몰라, 넌 너 밖에 몰라!!
    – You don’t know anything apart from yourself.

  • Gamja

    지금까지 한국어만 공부했어요
    오늘은 일 밖에 안 했어요

    • Duaa

      감사합니다! 🙂

  • 조슈아

    저는 너가 행복하고 있는 것 밖에 안 싶었어요.
    I only wanted you to be happy.

    너는 비가 오는 날은 밖에 안 좋아한 것 같았어요
    I thought you only like rainy days.

    Corrections are welcome.

    • Ivis Benavides

      I’m not sure why they introduced it here a bit different than in their book but 밖에 should actually be attached to the noun without a space or at times it might be confusing since it can also mean outside. For example:
      피자 밖에 없어요 – There is no pizza outside
      피자밖에 없어요 – There is only pizza
      Once again though i’m also learning so I could be wrong. I advice you to also do your own research.

    • 조슈아

      감사합니다. I think that there is a lesson down the road on spacing rules and whatnot.

    • Ivis Benavides

      Yea there’s 2 in level 4

  • Violaine Toutée

    1. 제 오빠가 거짓말 밖에 안 해요.
    Mon grand frère ne fait que me mentir.
    My big brother does nothing but lie to me.

    2. 저는 최고의 옷 밖에 안 원해요.
    Moi, je ne veux que les meilleurs vêtements.
    As for me, I want only the best clothes.

    정말 감사합니다!

  • Yes, eating medicine with coffee is weird.

  • Yuki

    한국어 밖에 달은 언어 공부하고 안 해요 (I’m not studying other language than Korean) <-pretty bad right? feel free to correct me
    빨리 와 한 시 밖에 없어 (Come quickly I only have one hour)
    아이스크림 밖에 안 샀어요? 왜그래? 빨리 음식하고 음료수를 더 사러 가세요 (You only bought ice cream? why are you like this? go and buy more food and drinks?)

    제가 만약 실수를 했는지 알려 주세요^^

    • Ivis Benavides

      한국어 밖에 달은 언어 공부하고 안 해요 —> 한국어밖에 다른 언어를 공하고 있지 않아요
      빨리 와 한 시 밖에 없어 —> 빨리 와 한 시간밖에 없어

    • Yuki

      thank you^^

  • Matthew Roger

    안녕하세여~! 제 젓번째 포스트입니다~
    제 친구는 5개월밖에 한국어를 공부하지 않았지만 나보다 문법을 이해 더 잘해요.
    Is this correct?

    • Ivis Benavides

      yea i think it makes sense “My friend only studied Korean for 5 months, but they understand grammar better than me”. Might be better to change it slightly to “문법을 더 잘 이해해요”

    • Catsy

      As a 하다 verb, you can split it to be 이해를 잘 해요.

  • ryebun17

    I have a question, can you say for example: 친구 1 명 밖에 있지 않아요?

  • ryebun17

    Sample sentences:
    1. 다음 겨울에 국을 밖에 안 먹을래요.
    2. 초콜렛만 먹으면 안 돼요.
    3. 우리 강아지 밖에 사랑 안 해요.

    1. Next winter I’m only going to eat soup.
    2. You can just only eat chocolate.
    3. I only love my dog.

  • Cathal Dunne

    Some practice sentences.
    왜 콤퓨터 게임은 밖에 안 해요? Why don’t you do anything other than play computer games?
    그 사람은 감자 튀김 박에 안 먹어요. That person only eats french fries.
    저는 토요일에 공원에 밖에 안 가요. On Saturdays, I only go to the park.
    아침식사는 오트밀 밖에 안 먹어요. Oatmeal is the only thing I eat for breakfast.
    저는 유튜브가 밖에 안 봐요. I only watch Youtube.

  • Toni-ann Thompson

    저는 동생이 두 명 밖에 없어요.