Level 3 Lesson 19 / after -ing / 다음에

안녕하세요! Welcome back to TTMIK! In this lesson, we introduce how to say “after -ing” or “after you do something” in Korean. In order to say this, you need to use the structure -(으)ㄴ 다음에, -(으)ㄴ 후에, or -(으)ㄴ 뒤에. Find out how to use these expressions in natural context and and listen to more sample sentences by listening to the audio lesson. Be sure to check the PDF available in the side bar of the lesson post as well!

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Level 3 Lesson 19 / after -ing / 다음에
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  • li

    지금은 3시간쯤 공부하고 있어서, 이 레슨 들은 후에 쉬고 잘래요.
    – Since I’ve been studying for about 3 hours now, I’ll be resting and sleeping after listening to this lesson.

  • Cathal Dunne

    Some practice sentences for this lesson
    집에 간 후에 콤퓨터 기엠을 해요. After going home I play computer games.
    점심식사 먹은 다음에 공원에 산책할게요. After eating lunch, I’ll take a walk in the park.
    한국어를 공부한 뒤에 잘 거에요. After studying Korean, I’m going to sleep.
    문을 열은 후에 사무실에 들어올게요. After opening the door, I’ll go into the office.
    일한 다음에 노래방에 친구랑 갈게요. After working, I’ll go to noraebang with my friends