Level 3 Lesson 25 / verb ending / -네요

You’ve probably heard this sentence ending a lot so far, in TV shows, movies, songs, etc. The sentence ending that we are looking at in this lesson is “-네요”. It is sometimes used in the exact same context as the plain sentence endings and therefore hard to tell the nuance. But not any longer if you listen to this lesson 🙂

Have fun!

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Level 3 Lesson 25 / verb ending / -네요
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  • 1. 불고기 만드는 것이 숴네요. = Making bulgogi is easy.
    2. 바쁘네요~! = I’m busy!! (if you end up being busy, but didn’t anticipate it. Does that make sense?)
    3. 수업은 2주 후에 시작하네요… = Oh, classes start in 2 weeks 🙁

  • McKenzie Rodwell

    *(situation my older sister cooked some food “side not she cant cook and doesn’t cook often lol”)*
    어 이가 장멀 맛있네요!!!!! oh this is really good!!!!!! lol

  • 이상민

    생각 버다 맛있네! its tastes better than i thought

  • Ha Lam

    저 요즘 Reply 1988 봤어요,이드라마 진짜 재미있네요!
    I watch Reply 1988 these days which is really interesting! 🙂

    • HSK

      저 요즘 응답하라 1988 봤어요. 이 드라마 진짜 재미있어요!

  • Trinity

    감사합니다!! 이 수업 정말 재미있고 멋있네요!!

    벌써 너무 늦네요. 그래서 지금 자야 돼요 – It’s already too late! So I need to sleep now
    *After checking calendar* 어.. 요즘에 진짜 바쁘네요. 내일 당신하고 영화를 못 봐요. 미안해요 – Ah wow I’m really busy these days. I can’t watch a film with you tomorrow. Sorry
    핸드폰은 죽네요. 어떡해… – Agh my phone died! What should I do…

    Thank you ^_^!!

    • HSK

      멋있네요. in the sentence look bit unnatural. 좋아요. will be good replacement.
      your dialogue sounds like korean
      good job!
      only this. 핸드폰이 죽었어. or more likely to say 나 배터리 없어.

    • Trinity

      Ah okay, I’ll bear that in mind!! 정말 감사합니다!!

  • Chess8Ko

    OH, here it is !
    여기 있네요!
    I find this drama fun to watch
    이 드라마 재미있네요
    Well, it’s not that cold
    별로 안 춥네요
    Oh look, nobody is here yet
    아무도 안 왔네요
    Wow, it’s already november !
    벌써 11 월 있네요

  • li

    와, 이 우유는 맛있네요! 이제부터 이거 마실 거예요.
    – Wow, this milk tastes good! I will drink this from now on.

  • 조슈아

    민수: 저는 임신하네요!? 대박!
    의사: 네 채원 씨. 내.
    민수: 누구? 누구 채원이에요?
    의사: 죄송합니다! 진짜 미안해요! 너는 채원아니에요. 너는 안 임신하네요.
    민수: 바보…

    Min-su: I’m pregnant! That’s great!
    Doctor: Yes it is Chae-won. Yes it is.
    Min-su: Who? Who is this Chae-won?
    Doctor: I am sorry! I am so sorry! You are not Chae-won. You aren’t pregnant.
    Min-su: You fool…

  • Why is it 왔네요 when 왔 is not the verb stem?

    • Brandon Carter

      They mentioned that you can use the past form as well before this ending.

      많이 먹내요. Wow, you eat a lot.
      많이 먹었내요. Wow, you ate a lot.

    • oh right! thanks

    • Yuki

      You had a typo is -네요 not -내요 ^^

    • Marlou Reyes


    • Brandon Carter

      Thanks for catching that. 🙂

    • Yuki

      You’re welcome

  • Brandon Carter

    이 래썬을 촬영하는지 7년이 되었어요! 시간이 빨리 흘리내요! ㅎㅎ

  • Marcin Orlowski

    이 영화가 도둑들 너무 재미있네요!^o^
    Oh this movie “the thieves” is pretty fan to watch!^o^
    Anyways i watched it today, it was cool, if someone is looking for a movie to watch, i recommend it^.^

  • Yuki

    최근에 오빠가 똥똥한 졌지만 아직 정말 빨리 달릴 수 있네요 (My brother has gained weight recently but he still can run really fast)

    내가 그 남자를 처음 봤을 때 ‘바보 같아 보여’라고 생각했지만 내가 틀렸네요 (When I first met him, I thought he looked stupid, but I was wrong)

    이 책과 그 책은 지루하네요 (This book and that one are boring)

  • Cathal Dunne

    Some practice sentences for this lesson
    아 맛있네요. 비빔밥이 좋아해요! Ah it’s delicious! I like bibimbap.
    열심히 공부했네요. I see that you studied hard.
    박재범은 좋네요. 나중에 더 듣게요. I find Park Jae-beom good! I’ll listen to more later

    • BTS.-koi

      I think in the last sentence it is: 듣게요 —> 들어 볼게요.

  • BTS.-koi

    Sample sentences:

    1. 어 오늘 진짜 덥네요! 밖에 가기 전에 따스한 거 같아요.
    2. 내일 날씨가 온화하네요!
    3. 이 여화 재미있네요! 내일은 다시 볼 까요!

    1. Wow, today its really hot! Before going outside, it seemed like the weather was mild…
    2. Tomorrow the weather is going to be mild!
    3. This movie is fun! Let’s watch it again tomorrow!

    Please correct me if I’m wrong somewhere!:)