Level 3 Lesson 26 / ㄷ irregular / ㄷ 불규칙

안녕하세요! Welcome to another lesson about irregularities in Korean! Today we are looking at the ㄷ irregular. Unlike the ㅂ irregular, ㄷ irregular has much more exceptions so it can be tricky, but don’t worry! After listening to this lesson, practice with us through comments!

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Level 3 Lesson 26 / ㄷ irregular / ㄷ 불규칙
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  • Peter

    가게에 걸어서 빵하고 우유 샀어요.
    I walked to the shop and bought some bread and milk.

    어리석은 질문을 물으면, 어리석은 대답을 받을 거예요.
    Ask a silly question, and you’ll get a silly answer.

  • Asha

    이 거리에서 걸었어는데 , 수퍼주니어 노래를 드렀어요
    When I was walking in this street , I heard suju’s song

    추우서 ..문을 닫있어요
    Because it is cold I closed the door

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1)I loaded all the boxes
    – 상자를 다 실었어요

    2)I hate loading
    – 싣는 싫어요

    3) I asked a question to my teacher
    – 제 선생님 한테 문자 한게 물었어요

    4) I like asking questions
    -문자가 묻는 좋아요

    • nudg33

      Hi, I think there’s some corrections:
      2) 싣는 싫어요 => 싣는 것은 싫어요
      3) 제 선생님 한테 문자 한게 물었어요 => 제 선생님 한테 문자를 한개 물었어요
      4) 문자가 묻는 좋아요 => 문자 묻는 것이 좋아요 or 문자 묻는 것을 좋아 해요


  • 감사합니다

  • 야신

    저는 친구한테서 비싸는 선물을 받았어요. (I received an expensive gift from my friend).
    매일 학교에 걸어서 학생한테 한국어를 가르쳐요. (I walk to school everyday and (then) teach the students Korean).

  • McKenzie Rodwell

    아침에 매일 수업 걸어요. i walk to class in the morning everyday.

    • Lindsey

      Hi McKenzie,
      I’d say 매일 아침에 걸어서 수업에 가요.
      If you say 수업 걸어요 it means you walk a class!

  • 楊玉嬿

    안녕하세요! I have a question that before Hangul (諺文) been invented, how Koreans learned the ㄷ/ ㄹ/ ㅂ/ ㅡ/ … irregular? Or Koreans were just used to it without memorizing it? Or, even Koreans, you still need to memorize those irregular and the irregular in irregular? I’m very curiosity if it is for easy pronouncing, why there is irregular in irregular? 감사합니다!

  • Jess Hill

    저는 버스에서 TTMIK 듣고있어요 ❤

  • 율리아나

    I think there’s a mistake 묻다 can not be “to bury” and “to talk” because they are contradicting themselves according the PDF

    • Lindsey

      묻다 has to different meanings.
      One meaning of 묻다 is ‘to bury’, as in 씨앗를 묻다 (to bury a seed). 씨앗=seed
      Another meaning is ‘to ask’, as in 길을 묻다 (to ask for direction). 길=way, direction
      They are completely different words, only spelled the same..

    • honestlyidk

      oh okay, thank you. i was wondering that as well ^_^

  • Dae

    1. 아침에 걷는 것을 좋어해서 사람들이 많이 없어요. – I like walking in the mornings because there aren’t a lot of people (walking during that time)

    2. 학교에 간 다음에 숙제가 없는 것을 깨달었어요 – I realized I didnt have my homework after I went to school.

  • Ikraan [이크란]

    방탄소년단 노르웨이 왔어들었어요. 만나고 못하는데, 슬프네요

  • Ha Lam

    부모님이 물으면, 이선물을 묻을 거여요.
    If my parent ask (about the present), I will bury it.
    (Because receiving present is illegal in my house)

    • HSK

      부모님이 물어보시면, 이 선물을 묻을 거예요.

    • Ha Lam

      Could you explain why should we use 물어보시면 instead of 물으면? I don’t really understand.

    • HSK

      It’s a difference between 존댓말 and반말.
      you should use 존댓말 to your parents.

    • Ha Lam

      Ah, I see 😀

  • Trinity


  • Duaa

    감사합니다 선생님들 ^^

    * 슈퍼마켓이 닫는 것 줄 알았는데, 방금 열리는 것 깨달았어요.
    I thought the supermarket was closed, but I just realized it was open.

    이 문장 맞아요?

  • Chess8Ko

    Where did you hear that ?
    어디에서 들었어요?
    I walked a lot, but I am not tired.
    많이 걸었는데, 안 피곤해요
    Do you believe that story ?
    그 이야기를 믿어요?
    Even if I ask, there is no answer.
    물어도 대답이 없어요

  • ryebun17

    1. 빨리 걸어, 시간이 없어!
    2. 2시로 공부한 다음에 수학의 숙제를 깨달았어요.
    3. 여기 묻으면 괜잖아요?

    1. Walk fast, we don‘t have time!
    2. After studying for 2 hours I figured out my mathhomework.
    3. Is it okay if we burry this here?

  • 조슈아

    너는 누구 물었어요?
    Who did you ask?

  • Yuki

    방탄이란 걸 믿어~ 겨눠 총! 조준! 발사! (Believe in Bangtan~ Point! Aim! Shoot!)

    난 저기부터 걸어서요 근데 안 피곤해요 (I walked from there but I’m not tired)

    먹는 동안 난 내 음식에 소금을 넣지 않았다는 거 깨달았네요 (While eating I realized I didn’t put salt on my food)

    야! 바보야! 내 말이 들어봐! 내일은 학교에 가야 되 그만 개임하고 샤워하고 자! (Hey! You fool! listen to me! You have school tomorrow, stop playing games take a shower and go to sleep!)