Level 3 Lesson 30 / Word builder 2 / 실(室)

Welcome to another lesson in the Word Builder series. The Word Builder lessons will be a part of the regular lessons. In the Word Builder lessons, we introduce letters and words that work as building blocks of the Korean vocabulary. They are not necessarily all Hanja words based on Chinese characters, but many of them are.

Hope you enjoy this lesson, and we are looking at the word “실” [sil] in this lesson.


You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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We have a dialogue prepared in 100% Korean based on all the lessons in Level 3. If you want to check how much you can understand, try listening to the dialogue here.

Level 3 Grammar Textbook and Workbook

We’ve made the Level 3 lessons even better and published them as a grammar textbook! The grammar textbook itself is filled with very effective comprehension questions, but you can practice even further with our workbook for Level 3. Both are available now on our online bookstore.

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Level 3 Lesson 30 / Word builder 2 / 실(室)
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  • Thiago Schnaider

    브라질에서 왔는데, 지금은 포르투갈에서 사고 여기서 TTMIK를 듣고 있어요~~

    • Yoojin Lee

      사고 > 살고

  • 야신

    저는 교실에서 숙제를 해야 돼요. (I have to do my homework in the classroom).
    저는 시간 없어요. 그래도 대기실에서 기다리고 있어요. (I don’t have time, but I’m still waiting in the waiting room).

  • 알렉스

    저는 미국에서 살아요! 감사합니다 🙂

  • McKenzie Rodwell

    너무 너무 감사합니다!!! TTMIK

  • taebongsoft

    This is one of the characters you’ll find in my Android app “Korean 한자어 Vocabulary Builder”, which takes exactly this approach – have a look for it on the Google play store. Free and I hope it helps you as you go through these Word Builder lessons!

  • rania

    from tunisia

  • Nicholas Wen Hao

    Students from Malaysia!!!

  • Shaimaa Esmat


  • George Philips

    저 고등학교 교무실에 담임선생님이랑 놀았어요, 재미있었어요.

  • Azka

    I’m from Indonesia!

    • Ikhsannul Hijri


  • Ikraan [이크란]

    저는 노르웨이에서 왔어요

  • honestlyidk

    저는 스웨덴에서 태어났어요~

  • 현미

    마산시에서 태어났고 미국에 입양되었어요 ^^

  • Bára M.

    I’m from the Czech Republic!

  • Brenda Grillo

    I’m from Brazil

  • Trinity

    감사합니다!! Level 3를 끝나서 행복해요!! 그래도 아직 많이 배우야 되는데 열심히 공부할게요!!

    그리고, 영국에서 공부하고 있어요!!

    I just had one question about this lesson, do all native Korean speakers grow up learning the 한자? So would all Korean people be able to tell you which Chinese character 실 came from etc?

    Thanks so much!!

    • HSK

      감사합니다!! Level 3를 끝내서 행복해요!! 그래도 아직 많이 배워야 되는데 열심히 공부할게요!!
      그리고, 영국에서 공부하고 있어요!!

      we learn 한자 in school but young generations don’t know it much. usually, we can guess it from the contexts.

    • Trinity

      Ah thanks, that was just a typo!!

      And thanks for letting me know about the 한자!!

  • Ami Jong Hyun

    저는 이집트에서 들어요

  • Sae

    저는 몽골 사람이 예요. 가사합니다 TTMIK.

  • ryebun17

    1. 학교 끝난 다음에 교무실에 가는데 좀 무서워요.
    2.어제 사무실에서 일했는데 미운 냄새 왔어요.
    3. 아르바이트 후에 매일 연습실 가는데 아이돌 이고 싶어요.
    4. 오늘은 토요일 인데, 미용실 같이 가요?

    1. After school has finished I have to go to the teachers office, I‘m a little bit scared.
    2. I was working at the office yesterday, and suddenly a bad smell came.
    3. Everyday after my part time job, I go to the practice room, I want to be an Idol.
    4. Today Is Saturday, shall we go to the hairdresser together?

    저는 스위스 사람이에요, 그런데 미국에서 들어요. TTMIK 감사합니다!❤️

  • li

    저는 필리핀에서 듣고 있어요. c:

  • 조슈아

    저는 캐나다 내에서 살아요.

    제 사무실 안 일해요.
    I do not work in my office.

  • 조슈아

    Alright, I guess now what I’ll do is listen to all the lessons 1-3 for review and to pick up extra vocab along the way before I go into the intermediate level lessons.

  • Jana Panikova

    Listening in Slovakia, really enjoying this type of lessons and teachers’ sense of humor. thank you.

  • Yuki

    미용실에 가서 예쁘게 보일 필요 없어 (You don’t need to go to the beauty parlor to look pretty)

    s: 지금은 어디야? (Where are you now?)
    w: 거리에 있어요 (I’m on the street)
    s: 뭐 하고 있어? (What are you doing?)
    w: 사무실로 가고 있어요 (I’m on my way to the office)
    s: 퇴근 후에 밥 먹고 노래방 같이 갈래? (Do you want to go to eat and to the karaoke after work?)
    w: 몰라요, 제가 일찍 퇴근하면 가자 (I don;t know, I leave early let’s go)
    s: 좋아 그럼 나증에 봐 (Good, see ya later)

    방탄은 연습실에서 많은 시간을 보낸다 (BTS spend a lot of time in the practice room)

    비가 오는 날에 실내 있는 거. 그리고 Netflix에 좋은 영화 또는 시리즈를 봐요 좋아요 (On a rainy day stay indoors and watch a good movie or series in Netflix is good)

    저는 아르핸티나에서 들려요. 선생님들이 가르쳐 주셔서 감사합니다.

    제가 만약 실수를 했는지 알려 주세요^^

  • Sa Scha

    i’m from germany ♥ i took 2 years of korean classes, so this level is too easy for me but it is always good to do a little bit of a revision 🙂 Love you guys! 🙂

  • Ami Walker

    Listening from America, learning on TTMIK makes it easy to understand. Though I don’t study as hard as I should. I am also in school at the same time for animation so it can be a challenge.

  • 러시아에서 듣고 있어요 <3 <3 <3

  • Andreas K. Kan

    저는 더 러시아에서 듣고 있어요. Lessons for 감사함니다

  • Emmanuel Ternon

    Hey guys, awesome lesson as always!
    Just a minor comment, the 교 (校) of 학교 (學校), meaning “school”, is not the same as the 교 (敎) of 교실 (敎室), meaning “to teach”.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Toni-ann Thompson

    저는 자메이카에 왔어요.

  • 피자

    Listening from Malaysia 🙂

  • BTS.-koi

    sample sentences:
    1. 교실에서 공부했는데 음악을 들었어요. (can someone help me with this, I want to say “music was playing”
    2. 저는 오늘 미용실에서 머리 가를 거예요.
    3. 사무실에서 일하는데…

    1. I was studying in the classroom when the music was playing.
    2. As for me I’m going to cut my hair today at a hairdresser.
    3. I’m working at the office so…

  • BTS.-koi

    저는 스위스에 왔어요.