Level 3 Lesson 7 / linking verbs / -아/어/여서

안녕하세요! There are many different ways of linking verbs in one sentence in Korean, and we’ve already looked at how to use -고 [-go] through one of our previous lessons. Today, in this lesson, we are looking at how the verb ending -아/어/여서 works. After studying this lesson, you will feel that your sentence building skills in Korean have improved a lot! Have fun!

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Level 3 Lesson 7 / linking verbs / -아/어/여서
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  • brittain

    1. 어제 시간이 없어서 영화를 안 봤어요.
    I didn’t have time yesterday so I didn’t watch a movie.

    2. 네일 학교에 가서 친구를 만날 거예요.
    Tomorrow I will go to school and meet a friend.

    3. 한국어 공부해서 친구들한테 한국어로 이야기해요.
    I’m learning Korean so that I can talk to my friends with Korean.

    4. 우유 마시는거를 좋아해요. 예를 들어서, 저는 매일 다섯병 마셔요.
    I like drinking milk. For example, I drink five bottles a day.

    I know the last sentence is kind of strange, but I couldn’t think of another example for “for example”.

    If I made any mistakes please correct me! Thanks 🙂

  • Alexander Arango

    When the spelling of cake seems to change every lesson lmao. I know it is 케이크 but still its quite funny

  • Christopher

    어제 친구를 봐서 선물 줬어요