Level 4 Lesson 1 / The more … the more … / -면 -을수록


안녕하세요! Welcome to Level 4!

In this lesson, we look at how to say “the more [A], the more [B]” in Korean. The key expression/verb ending we will be using is “을수록”.

Listen in to learn how to use it, and be sure to practice with us through comments!

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Level 4 Lesson 1 / The more … the more … / -면 -을수록
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  • 조슈아

    갈수록 바뻐요. 그래도 한국어 공부해야 돼요.
    As time goes on I am getting busier. Nevertheless, I must study Korean.

    네가 나이가 많을수록 예뻐요.
    The older you get, the more beautiful you become.

    • 찬하늘

      1st sentence seems correct, with a minor misspelling. 바빠요*

      2nd, I would make this correction to:

      네(니)가 나이가 많을수록 예뻐져요.

      예쁘다 – to be pretty
      예뻐지다 – to become pretty

      To become [an adjective], you drop the verb stem, add 아/어/여/ 지다

    • 조슈아

      재미있어요. 고마워요!

  • Zeinab Manzouri

    저는 이란에서 사는 제이납 만주리라고 해요. ttmik하고
    한국어 공부 시작한 지 4 달 됐어요. 저 ttmik 엄청 좋아해서 매일 듣고 읽고 연습하고 있어요.
    제가 만든 예문은 다음에 있는데 확인해 주세요.

    1. 저는 한국어 공부를 할수록 (더) 행복해져요.


  • gofchu

    1. 인기가 많을수록 겸손해야되요.
    The more popular you become, the more humble you have to be.

    2. 많이먹을수록 배가부를거예요.
    The more you eat, the more you’ll feel full.

    3. 제피부는 갈수록 하야요.
    My skin keeps getting whiter.

  • li

    내가 갈수록 마크를 좋아해.
    I honestly don’t know how to translate this to English without sounding awkward, lol.

  • Isabel Rodríguez

    Great lesson, teachers!
    더 언어들 말을수록 좋아요 ! (?) Maybe I have mistakes (since I’m not very sure if the 더 언어들 is correct or if it’s 할을수록 instead of 말을수록) but I’m doing my best hahaha.


  • Cathal Dunne

    This was a tricky one for me to make sample sentences for, but I’ll try!
    한국어 연습할수록 잘 해요 The more I practice Korean, the better I get
    이 드라마 볼수록 줄거워요 The more I watch this drama, the more enjoyable it is
    여행할수록 더 나라에 가고 싶어요 The more I travel, the more places I want to visit
    선수일수록 운동 많이 해야 돼요 Especially because you’re an athlete, you need to exercise a lot

    If anyone can spot any errors, please don’t hesitate to correct 🙂

  • Mochi Chim

    Why is the verb conjugation is like this 많아요? And also 팔려요? Can someone explain it to me.

    • Ivis Benavides

      The verb stem for 많아요 is 많다 and since the last vowel is ㅏ it is followed by 아요 making it 많아요 The verb stem for 팔려요 is 팔리다 and since the last vowel isn’t an ㅏ or ㅗ it is followed by 어요 making it 팔려요.

  • Toni-ann Thompson

    바쁠수록 먹어야 돼요.

  • Renato Hiroshi

    저는 돈이 일수록 더 여행해요. – The more money I have, the more I travel.

    시간이 갈수록, 더 슬퍼요. – As time goes by, I feel more sad.

    한국에 여행을수록, 한국어 해요.- The more I travel to Korea, the more I speak Korean.

    말수록, 피곤해요. – The more I speak, the more tired I am.

  • Matthew Reed

    저는 한국어를 공부할수록 배고싶어요.

    • 키간

      배우고 싶어요.*

  • Miss-Gaara Rose

    Lucky sabrin.

  • JojoKathi

    I already learned korean from an another website and just “review” some of your lessons and i even learn something new everytime. Your Lessons are awesome!!

  • 야씬

    결혼할수록 좋은 정장을 사야 될 거예요.
    Especially when you are getting married, you will have to buy a good suit.

    무서운 영화를 볼수록 밤 동안 무서워요.
    The more scary movies I watch the more scared I get during the night.

    저는 한국말 아직 잘 못 하는데 매일 열심히 더 해서 갈수록 한국어를 잘할 거예요.
    My korean still isn’t very well, so I will work harder everyday so my Korean will improve.

  • BTS.-koi

    1. 해변에 있으면 있을수록 노을이 진짜 예뻐요.
    2. 바쁠수록 많이 자야돼요.
    3. 갈수록 모든 사람 나이가 들어요.
    4. 군고구마 먹을수록 먹고 싶어요! 정말 맛있는 것이에요.


    1, Especially when you’re at the beach the sunset is pretty.
    2. Particularly when you’re busy you have to sleep a lot.
    3. As time goes by, everyone gets older.
    4. The more I eat roasted sweet potato the more I want to eat it! It’s a really delicious food.

    TTMIK 감사합니다! ^^

  • Hoang Nguyen Huu

    1. 이식당 맛있수록 빨리 팔라요
    2.열심일 수록 돈이 많아요

    • Huong Truong Minh

      1. 이 식당이 맛있을수록 빨리 팔려요
      2. 열심히 일할수록 돈을 많이 있어요.