Level 4 Lesson 12 / to try doing something / -아/어/여 보다, 해 보다


In this lesson, we are looking at how to say “to try doing” something in Korean. The structure that you can use to say this in Korean is -아/어/여 보다. The original meaning of “보다” is, as you know, “to see”. Listen in to find out how this is used in natural context and practice by making your own sentences in Korean in the comment!

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Level 4 Lesson 12 / to try doing something / -아/어/여 보다, 해 보다
  • Dae

    1. 아들 쇼핑 가게서 동생이 지겨봐 – Son, I am going shopping so keep an eye on your younger brother.
    2. 어딘 가 제가 물아볼까요? Should I ask him where we should to go?
    3. 박원님 콘서트 갈래서 표를 알아볼게요 . I want to go to Park Won’s concert so I will look into the tickets.

  • 조슈아

    A:숙제 해 보세요!
    B:네 어머니…
    A: At least try to do your homework!
    B: Yes mother…
    A: 저기에 여자를 봐?
    B: 응.
    A: 청혼해 봐야 돼.
    A: You see that lady over there?
    B: Yes.
    A: You should try to propose to her.

  • Violaine Toutée

    So, is the verb 입어보다 (to try on a piece of clothing) also a fixed expression that uses this form?

  • emilie

    제가 수박을 먹기어 봐요
    i will try eating watermelon
    너는 저기에서 뛰기여 거 봐요
    you should try running over there

  • Nguyen Thu Cuc

    1. 한국 음식을 먹어 봤는데 정말 매웠어요/ I tried Korean food, but it was very spicy
    2. 길을 잊어버리면 지나는 사람을 몰어보세요/ If you lose your way, try to ask another person.
    3. 숍핑을 할 때 옷을 입어봐도 돼요/ When you are going shopping, you can try clothes

  • Renato Hiroshi

    운동을 더 해 봐요. – Try exercising more.

    여행을 더 해 보면, 행복을 더 해요. – If you travel more, you will be happier.

    김치를 먹어 봤어요? 지금 불고기를 먹어 봐요. – Have you tried kimchi? Let’s try bulgogi now.

  • Cathal Dunne

    Some sample sentences! If anyone spots any errors, please help me. Thanks!

    이 음료 빨리 마셔 봐요. Try drinking this drink quickly.
    공부를 많이 해 봐요. Try studying a lot.
    나중에 수영해 볼게요. I’ll try swimming later.
    제 고양이는 앞아서 내일 수의사에 가 볼게요. My cat is sick so tomorrow I’ll try going to the vet.
    저는 너무 피곤해요. 그래서 자 볼게요. I’m really tired. So I’ll try to sleep.