Level 4 Lesson 2 / Do you want to …? / -(으)ㄹ래요?


안녕하세요! Welcome to another lesson brought to you by TalkToMeInKorean.com! This lesson is about the verb ending -(으)ㄹ래요. This is a very useful verb ending to know because you can ask your friends what they want to do, and also express what you want to do.

Listen in and find out how to use it in natural context and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the teachers in the comment!

Thanks for studying with us!

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Level 4 Lesson 2 / Do you want to …? / -(으)ㄹ래요?
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  • Zeinab Manzouri

    1. 오늘 점심에 우리 뭐 먹을래요?
    Today what shall we eat for lunch?

    A: 언니 나랑 놀자. 언니 제발…
    B: 야! 너 맞을래?! 당장 나가!
    A: 난 안 갈래! 여기 있을래! 언니 나중에 공부해도 돼.
    A: unni play with me. Unni please…
    B: do you wanna get hit?! Get out now!
    A: I’m not going any where! I wanna stay here. You can study later.

  • 조슈아

    아빠: 예쁠래?
    엄마: 응.
    아빠: 그래서 세수하고 화장을 하세.
    엄마: 죽을래!?
    아빠: 예쁠래?
    엄마: …어디에서 제 화장 있어?

    Dad: Do you want to be pretty?
    Mom: Yea.
    Dad: Then wash your face and put on make-up.
    Mom: Do you want to die?
    Dad: Do you want to be beautiful?
    Mom: … Where is my make-up?

    형: 피자를 먹고 싶어?
    나야: 아니야. 아이스크림을 먹고 싶어.
    형: 케익을 먹고 싶어?
    나야: 아이스크림을 먹을 게요!
    형: 치즈를 먹-
    나야: 아이스크림을 먹을래!!

    Brother: Do you want to eat pizza?
    Me: No. I want to eat ice cream.
    Brother: Do you want to eat cake?
    Me: I want to eat ice cream! [more demanding]
    Brother: *begins asking if ‘I’ want to eat cheese*
    Me: I want to eat ice cream!! [climax of demanding]

  • gofchu

    1. 같이 축구할래요?
    Wanna play soccer together?

    2. A: 저는 나갈개.
    B: 어디에 갈개?
    A: 은행에 갈거애.
    B: 내일에 못갈거애?
    A: 못가. 내일에 대학에갈래.

    A; I will go out. (If you don’t mind)
    B: Where will you go.
    A. I’m going to go to the bank.
    B: Can’t you go tomorrow?
    A: I can’t. Tomorrow I’m going to go to the university. (I’m so determine)

    A: 왜 집에 일찍 와요?
    B: 우리저녁을 요리할래서.

    A: Why do you come home early?
    B: Because I’m going to cook our dinner.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    • Olivia Simmer

      your close there is some typos though.
      instead of 개 its 게 same for 거애 is 거야.

    • gofchu

      Thank you. I really appreciate your help.

  • Kristen Parks

    So when using this as a question to ask if someone wants to do something or to express that you want to do something is it interchangeable with -고 싶어요?? Can I say? Jib-e gal-le-yo?
    집에 갈래요 as well as jib-e ga-go-shipeo-yo? 집에 가고 싶어요? Same as asking questions are they interchangeable?