Level 4 Lesson 21 / Spacing Part 2 / 띄어쓰기


In a previous lesson, we looked at how spacing works in Korean. In this lesson, we are going to look at some examples of expressions that can mean two different things depending on whether they have spacing in the middle or not. Listen in to find out what those expressions are and be sure to practice with us by making sample sentences on your own!

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 4 Lesson 21 / Spacing Part 2 / 띄어쓰기
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  • 향기

    창소기 돌리고 방 청소 좀 해라

  • Matt

    [1] 저는 캐나다에 돌아가는 때 아이슬란드에 돌어 가야 했어요. = When I returned to Canada I had to detour to Iceland.

    [2] 사람을 보는 것 알으면 사람을 알라보다. = If you see a person you know, you recognize them.

    [3] 오는 것하고 가는 것을 그쳐! 그냥 들어오거나 들어가! = Stop coming and going. Just come in or leave!

    감사합니다 for the lesson!

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) Please turn on the radiol
    – 라디요 돌려 주세요

    2) Please return my book
    – 제 젝을 돌려주세요

    3) After seeing my dad coming that way, I returned back.
    – 제 아빠가 저기에서 오 것 본 다음에 제가 돌아 갔어요

    4) When I was returning back to home, I met a friend
    – 제가 집에 돌아가는 시간에 진구를 만났어요

    5)I lend my gloves to a friend
    – 제 진구한테 장갑을 빌려주었어요

    6) I will return you the book I borrowed yesterday
    – 어제 빌려 주있는 젝을 너를 돌려 줄 거예요

    7) Please get out of my room.
    – 제 방에서 나가세요

    8) You cannot come out now.
    – 지금 나오면 안 돼요

    9)It’s okay to come in.
    – 지금 들어오도 돼요

    10) The door is open. Please, go inside.
    – 몬 열있는데요. 지금 들어가세요


  • Asha

    한국어 책을 빌려주세요
    Please borrow me korean book

    그 일이 알아보세요
    Please look into this job

  • Joshua

    In this lesson you explained the use of “나가다.” I was wondering why this verb is used when expressing something’s weight. as in “그 사람은 몸무게가 육십이 킬로그램 나가요”?

    • Joshua

      someone’s weight**

  • guys i wanted to say that the sound cloud cuts off in the middle at 6:17 exact

    • Seokjin Jin

      Oh, I don’t know why. I think the format of the sound cloud player changed, too. hm… Yes, it will be better to download the file and listen to it.

    • yep ^_^

  • i downloaded the mp3

  • 고마워

  • 야신

    지난 주에 선생님한테 책을 돌려줐어요. (I returned the book to my teacher last week).

    그 좋은 식당에서 돌아가서 같이 저녁식사를 먹을래요? (Would you like to go back to that good restaurant and have/eat dinner together).

    * not sure if i should use 먹다 or 있다 in the second sentence since you are having dinner and not eat dinner.

  • Brianna Sanders

    영화를 보거나 다른 영화를 보러 영화관으로 돌아가고 싶습니까?{Would you like to go back to that cinema to see the movie or go to a different one?}.

  • Xin Ru

    My sample sentences:

    일요일에 제가 빌려준 책을 돌려주세요.
    Please return the book that I lent you on Sunday.

    저사람을 알아봐요. 저사람은 제 고등학교 선생님 이에요.
    I recognise that person. That person is my high school teacher.

    오늘은 날씨가 좋아서 나가고 싶어요.
    The weather is good today, so I want to go out.

  • Imogen Eve Blair

    A: 저에게 펜을 빌려 주세요 Please let me borrow a pen.
    B: 아니요. 할수 없어요 No. I can’t.
    A: 왜? Why
    B: 제가 쓰고 있는 펜 밖에 없어요. I only have this pen that I’m using.
    B: ( 너는 제 펜을 돌려주지 않을 거예요 ) You won’t return my pen.

  • Yuki

    트위터에 트윗을 자주 마음에 들어요
    s; 밖으로 나오다
    w: 싫어
    네 컴퓨터를 빌려 줘 공부하려고 필요해요
    그 아이는 감기를 나아 좋겠어요
    사람들 사이에서 그를 알아볼 수가 없었어요

  • Jenifer

    1) 이 자를 돌려 주세요 (Please turn this car for me).

    2) 내 자를 돌려주세요 (Please return my car to me).

    3) 이 길에서 눈이가 많아요. 다른 길로 돌어 가야 돼요 (There’s lot of snow in this road. We need to take a different road and go around).

    4) 시점 문을 열어서 집에 돌어갔어요 (The bookstore was closed so I went back home).

    5) 제니씨 위해 그 책을 빌려 줄게요 (I borrowed the book for the sake of Jeni)

    6) 내 자를 빌려 줄거니까 울지마 (I will lend you my car so don’t cry).

    7) 그 남자가 나뻐요. 너무 걱정 하지마. 언니가 쟤 위치를 아라볼게 (He is a bad person. Don’t worry. I will look into his location).

    8) 야. 나와. 나와서 내 눈을 봐 (Hey! Come out. Come out and look into my eyes).

    9) 아니야. 넌 공부해. 나 나가 있을래 (No. You study. I will be outside).

    10) 들어와. 같이 밥을 먹자 (Come in. Let’s eat together).

    11) 너무 춥지? 들아가서 기다려. (Its too cold, right? Go in and wait for me).

    I’m still learning 🙂 Correct my sentences if they are wrong. 화이팅.