Level 4 Lesson 23 / Word Contractions – Part 2 / 어떻게/어떡해 – 그렇게 하세요/그러세요, 축약형


In this lesson, we looked at how the subject markers are contracted to shorter forms and be attached to the previous words. Listen in to find out how you can use word contractions wisely to make your Korean sound more fluent!

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Level 4 Lesson 23 / Word Contractions – Part 2 / 어떻게/어떡해 – 그렇게 하세요/그러세요, 축약형
  • Thomas Osekowsky

    I have a question about something from the workbook portion of this lesson.

    The word is 직장을 구하다 is translated in the back of the workbook as “to look for a job”. It was used in the sentence “직장을 쉽게 구할 수 있어요” which was translated as “you can easily get a job.”

    However, the English phrases “get a job” and “find a job” have very different meanings, but only “find a job” was shown in the workbook as the meaning of the word. This was really confusing.

    So, does this mean that 직장을 구하다 can mean not only “to look for a job,” but also “to get a job”??

    If so, what is the difference between 직장을 얻다 and 직장을 구하다?

    Thank you!

    • 현미

      직장을 얻다 means “get a job.” And I’m pretty sure 직장을 구하다 means “look for a job”, since i’ve mainly seen 구하다 used in that sense.

  • Lotus Pham

    Hi I really want to create a group to study together . if any one has your own group. Pls call me also. Tks

    • Dewi Yuniati

      i want to join the grup

  • 현미

    오늘은 네가 일하는 카페에서 어떻게 우유를 증기로 데우는 것 배웠어. 제대로 했을 때에는 가르쳐 준 바리스타가 “잘 했어. 이러면 아주 좋아요!”라고 했어. 드디어 그러면 마음이 가벼웠어.
    Today, at the cafe that I work at, I learned how to steam milk. When I did it right, the barista who taught me said, “Good job. If you do it like that it’s really good.” Finally doing it like that made me feel relieved.

  • Yuki

    그렇게 요리하면 안 돼요
    힘이 없으면 어떻게 공부를 하지? 최근에 난 어떤 것도 하고 싶지 않아요 하지만 난 계속 노력하고 있어