Level 4 Lesson 28 / to become + adjective / -아/어/여지다


안녕하세요! The spring is around the corner! The weather has become warm these days in Korea. Do you want to know how to say that in Korean? In this lesson, we are going to look at how to say “to become + adjective” in Korean. Studying Korean has become fun after listening to this lesson!

Be sure to check the PDF for the correct spelling of the expressions and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us comments!

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Level 4 Lesson 28 / to become + adjective / -아/어/여지다
  • Kevin Han

    이번 학기는 시작해서 바빠즐 거예요.
    만약 한국에 가면 행복해즐 거예요.
    여자는 옷을 덜 입으면 예뻐져요. ㅋㅋㅋ
    차 안에 책 읽어서 머리가 아파졌어요.
    비빔밥 안에 고추장 넣

  • Dolsanria

    선생님! 이거 맞아요?

    저는 한국어 좋아지고 싶어서 열심히 공부할 거예요.
    I want to become better in Korean, so I will study harder.

  • Whispurr

    여름 방학에 항공권이 비싸질 거예요.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Good! It will be perfect to say 여름 방학에는 or 여름 방학기간에는.

    • Whispurr

      감사합니다, 석진 씨, I’m not very good with all the particles yet, 더 연습하고 싶어요.

  • Albert

    I was reading the pdf examples and noticed that most of them were in the past tense form -졌어요. My questions is does -지다 have a present tense form? Like so, -져요? Thanks.

  • Winnie Zambo

    우리 여동생의 방이 깨끗해진 것 같아.

    이 문장이 맞아요?

    • Seokjin Jin

      네! 완벽해요!

  • Guest

    그 시티가 현대적인어 질 거예요.
    I think this city will become modern.

  • Francesco Colléter

    그 시티가 현대적인어 질 것같아 거예요.
    I think this city will become modern.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Actually in this case, it will be better to say 이 도시가 현대적으로 변할 것 같아요. or 이 도시는 현대적으로 변할 것 같아요.

  • 소피

    오늘은 저는 많이 공부해서 지금 정말 피곤해졌어요.

  • César Duarte

    TTMIK는 재미있어졌어요, 학습 과정 빨라졌어요. (TTMIK became fun, then the learning process has become faster)

  • 향기

    가게가 넓어졌네요!!

  • Matt

    결국 제가 한국어로 말할 좋아질 거예요. = Eventually I will become better at speaking Korean.
    운동 후에 저는 매우 피군해졌어요. = After my workout I became very tired.
    저는 언어를 관심이 있어져요. = I have become interested in languages.

    감사합니다 for the lesson!

    • Murphy Alvin

      I would say this way:

      1. 결국 제 한국어 실력이 개선해 질거에요
      실력 = ability, 개선하다 = to improve.

      2. You can remove 저는 (I think it’s unnatural since you were already talking about yourself before, so there’s no need to change subject)

      It would actually translate to: After I work out, as for me I become really tired.

      3. Only mistake is at the end – Use 졌어요, instead of 져요, since your sentence was past tense (I have become)

      I’m not a native Korean speaker, so there might still be some mistakes, but I’m pretty confident these are natural sentences!

      Have a nice day 🙂
      좋은 하루 보내세요

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    1) You’ve become a lot prettier.
    – 니가 너무 예뻐졌어요

    2) This road has become wider.
    – 이 도로 넓어졌어요

    3) I’ve become rich.
    – 제가 풍부하졌어요

    • Declan Mayer

      제가 풍부해졌어요*

      하 needed to be conjugated to 해.

    • Seokjin Jin

      You can use the verb 부유하다 to mean “to become rich”.

      >> 제가 부유해졌어요.

  • Dania Freih

    니가 재미없어졌어.
    운동이 쉬워질 거예요.
    이 영화가 벌써 재미있어졌어요.

  • lemontumblr

    Exercising has become more difficult: 운동가 더 어렵졌어요. I noticed this is the past tense…how would you say “exercising is becoming more difficult”? 운동가 더 어렵지예요?

    • Seokjin Jin

      You can say 운동이 더 어려워지고 있어요.

      운동가 더 어렵졌어요. > 운동이 더 어려워졌어요.

    • Leni

      아 감사합니다! Can you please explain why its 지고 있어요 after the present tense 어려워 and not 어려워져? The sample sentences for this lesson were almost all past tense…and there aren’t any in present tense so I’m not sure how to conjugate it in the present tense… ^^;

  • What word does Kyeongeun say at 0:43-0:44?

    • Deepest Nightmare

      She says ‘벌써요?’

      벌써= Already

    • Thank you! Sometimes Kyeongeun speaks really quickly, that I can’t recognize the words she says even though I already know and use those words ^_^; I guess it’s part of learning the Korean language.

    • Deepest Nightmare

      Ah, yeah I understand. It happens to me too. Glad I could help! ^^

  • Deepest Nightmare

    니가 더 잘생겼어졌어요.
    You’ve become more handsome.(Than before)

    이 커피를 마시면 비곤 안 해질 거예요.
    If you drink this coffee, you won’t become tired.

    • 애슐리

      I think it’s 잘생겨졌어요

      and 피곤

    • Deepest Nightmare

      Ah, thankyou! ^^ That’s what I get for studying Korean at 3am XD

  • Angela Capellan

    니가 빨라졌어서 아무도 널 이길 수 없을 것 같아요. You become fast so I think that nobody can’t will win you

  • Amina :)

    와아아 갈수록 그 여자가 예뻐져요!
    Whoaa, as time goes by, that woman becomes prettier!
    이 사람이 안 인기 있어진 것 같아요.
    I don’t think that this person became popular.
    다시 한 번 해야 봐요. 안 어려워질거에요.
    Try it one more time, it won’t become harder.
    두워지면 훨씬 더 물을 미셔야 돼요.
    If it becomes hotter, you need to drink even more water.

    감사합니다 for the lesson.

  • Sónia Alves

    Hello, I have a doubt: 컴퓨터가 빨라졌어요. [keom-pyu-teo-ga ppal-la-jyeo-sseo-yo.]
    = The computer has become fast.
    Shouldn’t it be : 컴퓨터가 빨려졌어요. ??
    Please clearify, thank you.

  • in the pdf file if the sample sentence are in the past shouldn’t they be ” the line became longer ” instead of ” the line become longer ” ??

  • 고마워

  • Esra S.

    안녕하세요, I made two sample sentences, I would be happy if you could correct them

    1.요즘 날씬이 조워젔어요.그래도 저는 티셔즈 이 워요.
    These days the weather got colder. But I’m still wearing only a t-shirt.

    2.저는 당영히 영화를 안 좋은 것 같었어요. 그런데 영화를 좋게 돼요.
    I thought i would certainly not like this movie. But eventually I liked it.
    (while typing this sentence i noticed that -게 되다 would probably be better to use, but could you also say that the movie has become likeable with the -아/어/여지다 form?)

    감사합니다 🙂

    • Seokjin Jin

      요즘 날씬이 조워젔어요.그래도 저는 티셔즈 이 워요.
      > 요즘 날씨가 추워졌어요. 그래도 저는 티셔츠만 입어요.

      저는 당영히 영화를 안 좋은 것 같었어요. 그런데 영화를 좋게 돼요.
      > 저는 당연히 이 영화를 안 좋아할 것 같았어요. 그런데 (그 영화를) 좋아하게 됐어요.

    • Esra S.

      Thank you.
      I see my mistakes, very helpfull:)

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Yoaime

    안녕하세요 , first thank you for your work. You’re all awesome.
    I made a sentence and want to be sure about it.
    I think you could become smaller.

    Is it right? If not how to say it in korean and what is the meaning of my sentence?


  • 야신

    그 여자 앉는 것은 소파위에서 너무 예뻐졌어요. (The woman sitting on the couch has become very pretty).

    만약 다시 게임을 놀으면 훨씬 덜 재미있어질 거예요. (If you play the game again, it will become much less fun).

    거리가 학교하고 공원 사이에 넓어질 거예요. (The street will become wider between the school and park).

    • Murphy Alvin

      1. 소파 위에서 앉은 여자가 너무 예뻐졌어요
      Since ‘sitting on the couch’ is describing the woman, it comes before the noun.

      2. 만약 다시 게임을 하면 훨씬 덜 재미있어질 거예요
      game + 하다 is the usual form as far as I know.

      Other than that everything looks really good! Also I’m not a Korean nor a native speaker, so there might still be mistakes, I think it’s all good though!

      Have a good day 🙂

  • Harvey Rivas Potot

    – 요새 일본 경기가 나쁘대서 앞으로도 값이 더 비싸질지도 몰라요.
    – 문법도 단어도 비슷해서 일본어를 공부하면 할수록 한국어 공부가 쉬어진 것 같아요.
    – 겨울보다 봄은 일조 시간이 길어져요.

  • Felicia Handy

    Always exercise, less drink, and eat healthy food will make you healthy
    항상운동하고, 술을덜마시고, 건강식품을 먹어요, 건강해질거여요

    Is that correct?

    • 현미

      항상 운동하고 술을 덜 마시고 건강식품을 먹으면 건강이 좋아질 거예요. 🙂

  • Ailyn Soria

    요즘, TTMIK으로 한국어 공보가 훨씬 더 재미있어졌어요.

  • 현미

    1. 오늘 오후에 낮잠을 자도 피곤해졌어요. = Even though I took a nap this afternoon, I became more exhausted.
    2. 언니가 나에게 화장품을 바르면 예뻐질 거라고 했어. = My sister told me I would become pretty if I put on makeup.
    3. 내가 학교에 오랫동안 있을 때 진짜 배고파져. = When I stay at school for a long time, I become really hungry.

  • Imogen Eve Blair

    1.) 저는 운동한 다음에 진짜 배 고파져요 = After exercising I become really hungry.
    2.) 저는 운동한 다음에 덜 배 고파져요 = After exercising I become less hungry.
    3.) 저는 더 케익을 먹을수록 살이 쪄져요 = The more cake I eat the fatter I become
    4.) 네가 공부할수록 영리해질 거예요 = The more you study the more intelligent/clever you will become
    5.) 애벌레가 갈수록 더 아름다워져요 = As time goes by the caterpillar becomes beautiful

    • Gamja

      운동 후에 진짜 배고파요 sounds more natural
      Not sure about the second

      케익을 먹을수록 더 뚱뚱해져요
      시긴이 갈수록?

    • Imogen Eve Blair

      I asked on hello talk as I originally had it as you wrote but they changed it to 배가 진짜 고파요
      I guess writing 더 먹을수록 is redundant ?
      I’m not 100% sure though

    • Gamja

      Hey 🙂 It’s okay to just say 진짜 배고파요. Both sound alright. Korean source confirmed it for me hehe. He also said 지다 is weird to say in present tense sometimes. Like it’s not completely wrong but he said it sounds weird.
      케익 먹을수록 더 살이 져요 is fine

    • Imogen Eve Blair

      Thank you i thought it sounded weird as all of the given examples where in the past/future tense

    • Gamja

      that’s alright 😀 yeah usually it’s all in those tenses for 지다 :))

  • li

    요즘은 5시간쯤 밖에 안 잤어서 너무 피곤해 졌어요.
    – I have been only sleeping for about 5 hours recently and I’ve became so tired.

  • dizkizpiz

    1) 제 전 여자 친구 너무 예뻐졌네요. My ex-girlfriend has become very beatiful.
    2) 전 만날 쓰는 검퓨터가 곧 빠라질 거예요.The conputer I use everyday will soon become faster.
    3) 이 건강은 음식을 먹고 있은 다음에, 너 더 작아지요. After eating this healthy food you become smaller.

  • Yuki

    키가 큰 사람 옆에 있으면 점점 작아져요
    비가 온 후 날씨가 쌀쌀해졌어요
    모든 돈을 잃은 후 그는 미쳤어요
    방끔 커피를 마신도 더 피곤해졌어요
    그는 요즘 더 잘생겨져는데 내가 그와 말할 수 있었으면 좋겠어

  • Dae

    1. 요즘 많이 먹고 있어서 뚱뚱해졌어요. – I’ve been eating a lot lately, so I’ve become fat.
    2. 시간이 갈수록 그 여자가 예뻐졌어요. She becomes prettier as time goes by.

  • gofchu

    1. 아파졌어요.
    I became sick.
    2. 청소한 다음에 우리실은 진짜 깨끗해셔요.
    After cleaning, our room become really clean.
    3. 더 어려실수 없어요.
    You can’t get younger than this.
    4. 이 호탤에 3일간 머무른대 계으료셨어요.
    Staying in this hotel for 3 days, I became lazy.

  • Hoang Nguyen Huu

    1. 이 가수 갑자기 유명해 졌어요. This singer became famous suddenly
    2. 여름 방학 사이에 키가 커 졌어요. During the summer vacation, i became taller
    3. 전 나이가 먹어졌어요. 그래도 제 여자친구가 나이가 어려 졌어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ. I became older but my girlfriend became younger
    4. 오늘은 날씨가 더워 지는 것 같아요. It seems that it’s becoming hotter today
    5. 제 식당이 훨씬 맛있 졌어요. That restaurant became much more better